Presidential Campaign. Batouri drums for Paul Biya

This was during a political rally in Batouri last September 1, 2018.

Cynthia EFOPA

All the three-grand stance of the Batouri ceremonial ground was jammed packed with militants and sympathizers of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement and other associations who turned out to drum a one hundred percent vote for the National President of the CPDM come the 7th October Presidential elections. The elites of the East region and the population of Batouri in the rally, enumerated the good works of the New Deal government in the Kadey Division. As the various speakers took to the rostrum, they were all delighted to express their gratitude to see the meeting holding in Batouri. They used the opportunity to pose the problems that the population of the area is facing such as insufficient farm to market roads, insufficient medical units just to name these few.

The initiator and coordinator of the event, Joseph LE, was overwhelmed with the turned out. He declared that it is a testimony of the popularity of their candidate, Paul Biya, his experience, wisdom and his capacity of driving Cameroon to the point of Emergence come 2035.  He preached to party militants and sympathizers to be united, practice tolerance, living together and the values of peace. He insisted that it is only through a united effort that they will be able to push their candidate once more to the supreme rein of president of the Republic. He advised the militants to shun egoism and share information that will enable them carry out a successful campaign as prescribed by the National chairman in the campaign strategy document. He laid more emphasis on door-to-door campaign during which militants should be able to convince those who are still not with the party on the different developmental projects the CPDM has been able to put in place. In a context marred by insecurity, the coordinator of the meeting told them that the stakes are high, so they need to master all party actions and projects to be able to canvass vote for their party.

As they draw curtains on the rally, the CPDM militants vowed to give President Biya a hundred percent vote. This was marked by the signing of a motion of support that was handed over to the Mayor of Kadey, Pierre Dimba Gombo.

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