Religion. Nyong and So’o Offers Mass for President Paul Biya

The celebration was held last Saturday August 4, 2018 in Ossoebemva by Gabriel Tsimi Nkouli, Secretary General of the Etoudi-Yetotan family.

Johnson ETAPE

An austere atmosphere conducive to meditation, Ossoebemva, a small village in the heart of the Nyong and So’o, Center region last Saturday, on the occasion of a solemn mass for the President of the Republic, Paul Biya. Around Jean Marie Claude Zingui, Project Manager in the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic, the divisional officer of Ngomedzap, Simplice Henri Kengne, many administrative, political and traditional authorities and a population well mobilized for the occasion with as a celebrant, Bishop Roger Pirene, Archbishop Emeritus of Bertoua.

For Gabriel Tsimi Nkouli, it is in these difficult times that Cameroon is going through, “to remain all welded, united, and more supportive to pray, accompany and allow President Paul Biya, to successfully bring the Cameroon boat, despite the swells, the gusts and the contrary winds blowing here and there, and to implore the divine mercy for the peaceful coexistence of the sons and daughters of Cameroon “. Question of offering him the opportunity to serve with selflessness and determination, the common cause of a Cameroon one, united and indivisible. An initiative strongly inspired by current events in the North West and Southwest regions, and the situation in the North of the country, which appeals to all those who love peace and development in our country. Mgr Roger Pirene called not to be distracted and to place in the discipline, the Most High above all. “God is present, he listens to our prayers and we cannot hide anything from him. No one will fall if the Lord wills it, “he said. For him, God’s missionary is Paul Biya, his messenger in Cameroon. And to call each other, to be without fear, to recognize God as our Father and to love one another for the common good. “Let us pray more for peace to remain and we will reap the benefits,” he said. A teaching to communicate in all places and all times, to all those around us, as a viaticum in this long journey of building a country where everyone is called to bring his modest stone to its edification.

A similar church service was organized by the orthodox Catholic Church in the month of May to pray for the President of the Republic, Paul Biya an apostle of peace reasons why he embraced dialogue in the face place when the socio-political rest in the northwest and southwest regions just escalated. This therefore implies that he is a leader who does not complicate issues for the interest of his state; thus giving him the stand of a leader who listens to the plight of his people.

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