Scores of Opposition Parties Drum Support for Paul Biya

 After the Central Committee of National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP) some eight political leaders grouped in Yaounde on July 20 to declare their support for President Paul Biya in the October 7, presidential poll.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

As the count down to the October 7 presidential poll in Cameroon narrows, political actors are politicking to pull the strings to their side. While some 28 aspirants have submitted candidacy papers at Elections Cameroon, others who had earlier declared they will run for the country’s top office have simply backed out. Yet other political parties are aligning with the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) whose candidate is incumbent President Paul Biya. Some of these opposition parties drumming support for President Biya are old alliances to the ruling party like the National Union for Democracy and Progress (UNDP) of Bello Bouba Maigari.

It was not a mere formality. That of saying without “opposition internally”, in the name of the alliance that has existed between the two parties since 1997, that the National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP), supports the candidate invested by the CPDM.

The Central Committee Wednesday at the Yaounde Congress Centre held in camera for more than four hours, scrutinised this support for Paul Biya,” says a member of the party’s central committee.

The National President of the party, Minister of State Bello Bouba Maigari who presided over the deliberations adopted a democratic approach as he gave the floor to everyone. Thus, according to several members of the Central Committee, the debate was heated.

For some, there was talk of reviewing the terms and content of the alliance between NUDP and the CPDM. For the others, the support that the CPDM must benefit from this presidential election, “must be beneficial for all.”

At the end of the proceedings, the conclusion came from the national president himself: “The Central Committee deliberated, not only democratically, but sought to find what will serve the best interests of our country. The statement signed by Maigari Bello Bouba is more explicit.

The party has decided not to present a candidate for the presidential election of October 7th. As a result, the Central Committee “calls on all NUDP members to support the candidature of Paul Biya, President of the Republic, Head of State, and guarantor of unity and stability of Cameroon.”

The reasons for this support are also presented in the final communique. The UNDP considers the economic recovery efforts, the challenges for the success of the CAN and the security and humanitarian challenges facing our country, to accompany President Paul Biya for another term of office.

Meanwhile, a grouping of over 20 of political parties including PADDEL, CPP, and UPC converged at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel on Friday to throw their weight behind President Paul Biya for the upcoming election. Earlier, parties like the United Democratic Party (UDP) of Lawan Bako, FNSC of Issa Tchiroma Bakary and a host of others have declared their support for the incumbent, Paul Biya.

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