Security. New President, New Mission for Defense Forces

The November 6th, 2018 investiture is just another era during which the Commander of the Armed Forces will continue to authorize his troops to defend the territorial integrity and unity of Cameroon. They equally have as duty to conserve peace, which as all know, is one of the fundamental values he cherishes and which for sure, is a prerequisite for the prosperity of every nation. 

Emmanuel NGOTA

Article 7 of the Constitution confers the powers of Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces to the Head of State. In this capacity, President Paul Biya has the daunting task to define the defense strategy of the country and maintain the territorial integrity and unity of the country. For 36 years, the Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Forces have been able to drive the country towards the path of peace, passing through turbulent moments like the skirmishes between Nigeria and Cameroon over the rich oil Bakassi Peninsula.

As a peace crusader, more attention was paid to a diplomatic negotiation with friendly and neighboring Nigeria rather than a military struggle. An approach that favored Cameroon to regain the peninsula. On the 6th November 2018, during the oath taking ceremony, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces acknowledge that security challenges have been some of the most turbulent matters handled in the recent years. That could justify why the question on peace was the very first problem he tackled as he began addressing the Cameroon people. He pointed at the Boko Haram terrorists group that has caused severe and excruciating pain to compatriots in the Far North Region to be the first security challenge that has threatened Cameroons national integrity, but to which in collaboration with its traditional partners, the Cameroon people swell victorious.

The Cameroon Defense Forces working under the auspices of the Multinational Joint Task Force, with the First Sector situated at Mora in the Far North Region, have launch several attacks on the strongholds of this insurgency with remarkable results. Reasons Cameroon can boast of a stable situation, though the Army remains vigilant and determined. Next, was the extreme violence perpetrated by secessionist in the North West and South West Regions. Since the outbreak of the crises, steady strides have been made by the Defense and Security Forces to protect persons and their goods, to ensure the respect of State integrity and a return to normalcy in these regions. Yet, war mongers keep fuelling the violence.

The respond of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to this group of persons was very clear; either they lay down arms and came back to reasoning or they face the wrath of the law and the determination of the Defense Forces. The Commander once more in his inaugural speech paid homage to the Defense and Security Forces for respecting and serving state institutions, taking and implementing orders as dished out and for executing their missions as spelt out by the law with professionalism, honor and loyalty. It is evident that this fresh oath taking will just be another opportunity for the Commander-in-Chief to continue to channel his troops towards maintaining and restoring the much needed peace.

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