UPC Pledge Unconditional Support for CPDM Party

The secretary general of the Union of the population of Cameroon (UPC) Honourable Bapot Lipothas sensitized UPC supporters in Toleng in the Botmakak sub division to rally behind the CPDM incumbent candidate Paul Biya for the development of the area. Hon. Bapot Lipot, Member of Parliament for the Nyong and Kelle in Momos Bea was speaking in a meeting while installing the UPC section bureau of the area.

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Addressing participants during the UPC political gathering in Momos Bea, the secretary general of the UPC party retracted the bond that exists between the CPDM and the UPC. It is against this back drop that the honourable Member of Parliament Robert Bapot Lipot urged all UPC supporters to throw their weight to incumbent President Paul Biya, for the development of the area.

The Member of Parliament explained that the visit to Momos Bea was intended to mobilize the UPC militants in a very particular context. He said they know very well that the Head of State, President Paul Biya who is a candidate for the upcoming Presidential election is one who must have the support of the UPC party. The UPC MP further reminded grassroots supporters that Paul Biya is the unique candidate who knows and implement the development policies of Cameroon. He used the occasion to denounced extremism which currently reign within the UPC party. While calling for peace, unity and security to reign in the country.

It should be noted that the Union of the Population of Cameroon the UPC party is one the oldest political party in Cameroon, a party whose leaders fought relentlessly for the independence of present day Cameroon. Unfortunately political division within the party has created so many fractions in the party. It is very common these days to find individual who auto proclaim themselves as secretary general or section President of the UPC party.

Recently, the government through the ministry of territorial administration and decentralization had to put order within the party by signing a circular announcing who is the secretary general of the UPC party recognized by the party. Honourable Bapot Lipot told UPC militants that the party has decided to create an alliance with the CPDM party in Nyoung and Kelle division. He said come October 7th all UPC supporters should cast their votes in favour of President Paul Biya.

The UPC rally in Momos Bea was also marked by the installation of a ten man team of UPC bureau members of the UPC Momos Bea section and the donation of gifts to the population of the area. At the close, the population of Momos Bea was reminded on the need to remain vigilant, stay away from detractors and promote the ideals of peace, love, unity and one and indivisible Cameroon.

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