UPC Reiterates It Stand to Promote Peace, Territorial Integrity

The union of the population of Cameroon the UPC party has once more reiterated it stand on preserving peace, unity and the Republican institutions of the nation Cameroon. This was during a press briefing in Yaounde organized by the secretary general Hon Bapooh Lipot who called on all Cameroonians to peacefully wait for the official proclamation of the 2018 presidential election and support government in preserving the territorial integrity of Cameroon.

Johnson ETAPE

The union of the population of Cameroon popularly known as the UPC political party was created in 1948 by pro- independence fighters like UM Nyobe. Accor4ding to the secretary general Hon Bapooh Lipot the party needs to jealously preserve the independence and ensure public order of the country whose independence was vehemently fought for. It is for this reason that the briefing was organized to once more reiterate the stand of the UPC party in preserving the territorial integrity of Cameroon and promoting peace. The press briefing comes on the hills of self-proclamation of presidential results by an independent candidate of the MCR political party in the person of Prof Maurice Kamto. Hon Bapooh Lipot has out rightly condemn Prof Maurice Kamto for auto proclaiming himself as president without waiting for the constitutional council which has the mandated power to do so.  He went further accusing Prof Maurice Kamto of trying to incite the Cameroonian youths and other people and other people to go to the streets if not declared president. To the UPC party, such acts are signs of political immaturity, lack of experience and non-respect of democratic process and institutions.

The UPC party says it’s not normal for someone who intend to role a nation like Cameroon disrespect state institutions. To honourable Bapooh Lipot Cameroonians are intelligent people who cannot go to the streets like mad dogs nor fall into the cheap propaganda of Prof Maurice Kamto. He has prescribed vigilance and maintenance of public order as all wait for the official declaration of the just ended election results. To the nine presidential candidates, the UPC party has pleaded on them to remain calm and avoid any anti Republican attitude. Cameroonians to the officials of the UPC party should have confidence in the institutions of the Republic and wait on the constitutional council. UPC leaders added that they are supportive of state sovereignty and condemn any intended act to destabilize the beloved country Cameroon. The UPC party press briefing in Yaounde provided an opportunity for the party to extend congratulations to the government and ELECAM for the calm and serenity that reign on Election Day. At the end of the press briefing the UPC once more reiterated its stand to promote peace and territorial integrity in Cameroon.

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