What Next for the Ruling CPDM Party?

The CPDM is declared the victor of the presidential elections. As the presidential elections come to the close, there is still much work to be done to secure seats for the party in parliament?

Cynthia EFOPA

Cameroon has a lot of prospects and its unity is a prerequisite for any meaningful development.  However, this unity must be garnished by appointing competent leaders to the right positions. The presidential elections will soon go down the annals of history, and the dust will settle. But as presidential aspirants who were not able to make it to Cameroons supreme job learn their lessons on the organization of a party, strategies to carry out campaigns and garner voters as dispensed by the experienced and victorious President Biya of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, it is time, all parties go back to work to cover-grounds for the upcoming legislative and municipal elections due to take place in 2019.

The internal dynamics of Cameroon politics is changing and youths are becoming more and more interested in politics. The effervescence raised by Cabral Libii of the UNIVERS party and Eric Matomba during the 7th October Presidential elections campaigns sent euphoria all over the national territory and can clearly paint a picture of how tight the next elections that is bent to favored the acceleration of the decentralization process will unfold. The Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement is experienced in the arena, but must work harder to keep the spirit of victory so as to continue maintaining more seats in the Parliament and handling more municipalities, if not, the present dynamics of Cameroon politics might alter happenings in these law making institutions. CPDM aspirants for the legislative and municipal elections must set to work immediately in their various constituencies. Their actions must be prone towards canvassing votes for the upcoming twin elections.

To effect political change in Cameroon, one must pass by the ballot box. It is however lamentable to note that some Cameroonians refused this process which is the only legal instrument in place. According to some sources, some are regretting especially in the North West and South West regions were only 57 000 and 32000 persons respectively, cast their votes, making a total of 5percent. Instead of the ballot box, some others whose political immaturity have led to a conspicuous impotence have opted to ignite the masses to stage violent demonstration in big cities as a means to have access to power. Cameroon is a state of law and no democracy will tolerate this unorthodox and machiavelic methods which is destined to drag the country into a mayhem thereby jeopardizing the very unity and development its leaders strive to build. It is therefore time for party militants to accentuate the process of mobilizing and sensitizing the population first on the necessity to register on the voters list and the importance of exercising their civic duty.

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