Women take control of CAMTEL and SCDP

President Paul Biya appoints Veronique Moampea Mbio and Judith Yah Sunday Achidi as General Managers of state Corporations.

Cynthia EFOPA      

Judith Yah Sunday Achidi is now the new General Manager of Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL). She was appointed by a presidential decree on Friday December 14th, 2018. Her appointment to this high post of responsibility has come to increase the few numbers of Cameroon women found in top jobs in the country. Her twenty-five years’ experience in governance and development of public enterprises is an added advantage to manage the task that awaits her. Her rich academic profiled trailed her through the University of Quebec in Montreal where she obtained a degree in Economics, she later bagged a degree in Master and International Banking and Finance from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon and then a doctorate degree from the University of Yaounde II. She has been Regional Director of CAMTEL in several regions of the country, South West, North West, Littoral and the Center Regions.

The experienced and hardworking lady has shown her prowess at the international level, Vice President for the Central Africa at the Board of Directors for the Institute of African Federation for Internal Audit in Tanzania, Executive President at the International Institute of Insurance Cameroon. The strict and hardworking woman said she has occupied different duty posts within the structure and this enabled her to have a better understanding of some of the challenges the structure is faced with. She counts on frank collaboration with her personnel to make sure that her clients are satisfactorily consume internet services provided by her corporation. Mrs Achidi takes over from Chief Mukete as the first female CAMTEL General Manager.

At the Cameroon Petroleum Depot Corporation, command equally changed hands. Eloundou Gaston Essomba, now Minister of Water and Energy Resources handed the command baton to Veronique Moampea Mbio who is also the first lady to have commanded the corporation. The former Deputy General Manager of Hydrocarbon Price Stabilization Corporation learned of her appointment at the end of the Board meeting of the Cameroon Petroleum Depot Corporation which she attended in Douala. Born in 1966, Veronique Moampea is a holder of a Master’s degree in business administration and has worked for 29 years in government. She is taking over a corporation that is faring well in the market and she has the tedious task to consolidate the achievements of the corporation while exploring the resources at her disposal to drive the corporation to higher heights.

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