Wouri I WCPDM Prays for Paul Biya

This was during an ecumenical service that took place at the Bonanjo party house in Douala on December 9, 2018.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The brain behind the church service to pray for the President of the Republic, Paul Biya was chaired by Senator Armande Din Bell. The objective of the ecumenical service was to thank God for President Paul Biya’s re-election during the October presidential election and to bless him with the intellect of governance in the course of his seven years mandate.

The church service brought together 15 clergy men drawn from the Muslim faith, the roman catholic, protestant and Pentecostal churches whose homilies centered on the living together for peace and love to reign most especially when Cameroon is going through some socio-political insecurity. The 15 clergy men prayed for Cameroon can called in his divine intervention to see Cameroon through this difficult passage and also to touch the heart of the people to pray for their leaders.

According to the initiator of the church service, senator Armande din bell said President Paul Biya is the people’s choice as they have strong conviction in his great achievement drive. She went ahead to quote some of the achievements made so far by the president during his last mandate like the construction of the second bridge over the River Wouri, the Kribi deep sea port, the Yaounde-Douala Autoroute, the Mekin and Memve’ele dams. All these among others senator Armande din bell said contributed enormously to the victory of the head of state, Paul Biya.

The permanent coordinator of CPDM activities in the littoral pinpointed that WCPDM Wouri I played a strategic role in the victory of the president Paul Biya during last poll as they were among the sections that called for the president to run for the office. In this respect he congratulated the CPDM militants for being loyal and steadfast to the ideals of their candidate who have made them proud once more.

The ecumenical service which was attended by the minister of justice and keeper of the seals, Laurent Esso, the minister of transport, Ngalle Bibehe, the governor of the littoral region, Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua among a cross section of elite. It should be recalled that the church service comes to crown the efforts and prayers for the new mandate by President Paul Biya.

This similar ecumenical service has been held in other parts of the country in the light to call on God to grant President Paul Biya long life and wisdom in the management of state affairs.

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