2018 Presidental Election. Paul Biya, Another 7 Years Mandate

He has only listened to the voice of his people, still accepting to serve his country at a delicate time when the dislikes come from everywhere and where Cameroon is coveted by predators and needs more than ever unity to respond to the many challenges and challenges that challenge it. State man respected by his peers, he does not get the unanimous support of the Western media who blame him for his bulimia of power. Basically, it’s more of a patriotism to serve and make a successful transition to this land of promise.


To analyse the number of years in power and the number of mandates he has won, one could indeed have the same positions as a certain press that is not tired of recalling to designate the man, his longevity in power and his age before his name and surname. A rhetoric that starts to annoy and shows a relentless hardship. In terms of law, the candidacy of the president was in accordance with the constitution, and he can come as many times as he wants, if the desire still lives and if he has assets compared to other candidates. The only determinant is the people who elect him by universal suffrage by a single election. If the candidates who commit themselves to this presidential have the means, that they then pass by the way of the urns. This time, the candidate of the Democratic People’s Rally of Cameroon had eight opponents who spent the clear of their time joining forces to lamb the outgoing president, to force him of derogatory comments without restraint or any respect for wisdom which emanates naturally from the man and which want to profit today, many young heads of state who do not miss to consult it in case of need. It is this wealth contained in humility in a man affable by nature and weighted to the point that the Cameroonians, for a small but noisy number, believe it is necessary to apostrophize neither in the cult of the African customs nor in that of a technocrat experienced in the upper administration? But the verdict fell after a multitude of pitfalls, the first being whether President Paul Biya would still yield to the people’s appeal, the second being that of being able to organize free and transparent elections in the heart of a campaign to the limit of intolerance. All these pitfalls were cleverly surmounted when it was now necessary to solicit the vote of the electors, some aspiring to the Magisterium with regard to their youth, others in the light of their technocracy, pointed after them, others in hucksters showing off political virginity.

At the end of insults and sulphurous and stormy debates, of a long and short campaign at the same time, the elections took place all the Sunday of October 7, 2018. Before that, the president Paul Biya did not have in his remarks no words moved, no response proportional to the surly invective of the other candidates, but just a clinical message of love and unity of his people, a message that made the overall point of our development in a difficult context, to look towards a future that we do not have the right to compromise with regard to our potential. A message of appeasement, whose timbre knows the tuning fork of the experience and the understanding of our weakness. He exposed the resilience to childish passion and the Cameroonians chose him, after well-organized elections that went off without a hitch, disgusting the predictors of bad news, who to experience are rather the actors of cataclysm than evil prophets, hidden in the meanders of hypocrisy and hatred. These same media, with mocking rhetoric and frustrating rhetoric are confused today, and Paul Biya, in the service of his people, has eyes only for the heavy task that awaits another seven years, with compassion for those who love him and do not like him. The counting of the voices was made in broad daylight, and the additions can be made to know that the experiment has spoken again. But obeying the laws of this country, we refrain from giving any tendency, to celebrate in two weeks, the force of the experiment, to the detriment of detractors, in breakdown of solution.


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