2018 Presidential Election. Hitch-Free Voting Exercise

The Minister of Territorial Administration declared the voting process in Cameroon unfolded in an atmosphere of peace, serenity and tranquillity.

Cynthia EFOPA

Cameroonians all over the national territory jammed polling stations on October 7, 2018 to cast their vote which is to determine who succeeds President Paul Biya for the next seven years. According to the Minister of territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, the voting process was a complete success. The electorate participated freely and in all sovereignty.  The government took all the necessary measures to support Elections Cameroon by providing security to all the candidates running for the race and ensure voters performed their civic rights in polling stations unperturbed.  Going by statistics provided by Elections Cameroon, 6.600. 129 duly enrolled electors were convened to the poll at the national level and 19 365 for the Diaspora for a total of 24. 988 polling stations in Cameroon and 19.356 abroad.

All polling stations were flung open at 8am and closed thier doors at 6pm in respect of the Electoral code, but for some in the restive predominantly English-speaking Regions. Talking on the coverage of campaigns on the field, Minister Atanga Nji voiced elections effectively unfolded in the over 350 Sub Divisions of Cameroon, 58 Divisions and 10 regions.  Amongst the nine political parties that went down the field to galvanize the population, just one of the political formation could sustain campaigns in 340 Sub-Divisions while others remained only in areas they thought necessary for them to woo voters. It is evident that it is the Cameroon People Democratic Movement Party that could spread its tentacles to almost all the administrative corner of the country. It is a party that is rooted in the population and its strategy and policies of national building has always justify its presence in all localities of the country.

Not even the threats propagated by terrorists in the North West and South West Regions could stop the CPDM from covering grounds in the regions. As the CPDM brave the odds to campaign for its flag bearer so too did the government tightened security to enable voters in the two regions perform their civic duty hitch-free without any major incident recorded. Minister Atanga Nji, whose ministry happens to play a supervisory role of the electoral process mentioned that but for some few incidents that took place in polling stations in Makenene, and the Mbam and Inoubou Division, the democratic process is on the move.

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