Aspirants Urged to Be Democratic

The proclamation of election result is the integral right of the Constitutional Council and any complains out of the legal means will not be tolerated

Cynthia EFOPA

While addressing national and international media men and women at the close of polling stations, Minister Atanga Nji in the conference hall of his ministry in Yaounde made a keynote statement in which there was a high sense in the manner in which he called on the nine packs of political parties to scrumptiously respect the results from the polls that is to be published by the Constitutional Council in 15 days maximum. He did not minced words when he firmly called on the political actors and supporters to toe the line and demonstrate a sense of responsibility.

When polling stations closes their doors, as was the case at 6pm on October 7th 2018, the local polling commission engaged in counting ballots to determine the vote obtained by each candidate at the level of the polling station.  All elections assembled by the council branch is forwarded to the Divisional Supervisory branch then to the National Branch of Elections Cameroon for final counting of votes and the end result is channeled to the Constitutional Council which is the only institution empowered to proclaim the final results 15 days after the poll.

The electoral system in Cameroon does not allow for the publication of trends or tendencies about the result, but it is surprising to notice since after the close of the poll, only the social media is jam packed with information on the final results in different regions of the country and abroad. Others have gone as far as to single out some candidates to congratulate them as the winners of the ongoing electoral process, and yet another have indulged in false propaganda and the dissemination of hate messages in order to ignite the masses to violence. The question that waxes strong is who published the results they use as evidence to declare this or that winner of an ongoing elections?

The immeasurable utterances used by some presidential hopefuls during campaigns and games plotted by them (flag bearers of political parties) to drag Cameroon into chaos is evident in all its forms. Premature proclamation of results by incompetent authorities and its devastating effect on the society cannot be undermined. Reasons why Minister Atanga Nji during the keynote address made it crystal clear and firm that political actors should to the line, they should respect the laws and provisions that guides the campaigns. He reminded the population that the declaration of results is the integral right of the Constitutional Council and any complain out of the legal means will not be tolerated.

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