Cameroon Imams Condemns Self-proclamation of election Victory

The Council of Cameroon Imams, Mosques and Islamic Affairs has issued a communique exhorting all actors in the country’s political scene to respect laid down electoral laws.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

Muslim dignitaries in Cameroon have lambasted Prof. Maurice Kamto, the CRM candidate at the October 7 presidential election in Cameroon for self-proclaiming himself as winner contrary to the Electoral Code, the legal instrument regulating elections in Cameroon. In a press release issued by the Cameroon Council of Imams, Mosques and Islamic Affairs (COCIMAI), the National President of the organisation, Dr Ibrahim Moubarak Mbombo, drew the attention of political actors that the Electoral Code provides that election results are only proclaimed by the Constitutional Council. The Communique stipulates that presidential election results are published fifteen (15) latest after the polling day. In the case of the October 7 presidential poll therefore, the results are expected latest October 22. The Imams therefore urges all political actors to respect the law relating to the presidential election and abstain from auto-proclaiming themselves winner before the official publication of the results.

With the present socio-political situation of the country, the Imams notes, such acts can only be a menace to the social peace of the country. The Muslim cleric therefore calls on all Cameroonians to be disciplined, calm and mature against such malice intended to jeopardise the peace of the country which is already being threatened in the North West and South West Regions.

It should be recalled that Prof Maurice Kamto, leader of the CRM party declared himself winner of the October 7 poll in a press conference in his Odza party headquarters on October 8, barely hours after the election. Before even his outrageous outing, his party cohorts invaded the social media to announce trends that favoured him few hours after exit poll.

The CRM party’s Campaign Manager, Paul Eric Kingue, had during the campaigns, announced that the CRM will win the election and said they will take to the streets if victory is not theirs. Prof Kamto, during Monday’s press conference began celebrating victory stating that “he kicked and scored the penalty.” He is also reported to have said that “Cameroonian people have given him a mandate and he will defend it till the end.” Kamto’s outing have attracted nationwide condemnation especially from the political class amongst them other candidates at the just ended elections such as Garga Aji of ADD and Josua Osih of the SDF. Communication Minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakary in a statement on behalf of the government, vehemently condemned the action which he says is plans to plunge Cameroon into chaos and civil strife.

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