Constitutional Council Rejects Kamto’s, Osih’s Petitions

After four days hearing of the Council, a verdict was arrived at for each case.      

Cynthia EFOPA

After the closing of the polling stations, the Constitutional Council was set to receive post electoral complaints from the nine political parties that participated in the 7th October Presidential elections. 72hours after the close, the Council received a total of 18 complaint files from some three party flag bearers, Osih Joshua, Cabral Libii, Maurice Kamto and two individuals, Bertin Kisob and Reverend Rigobert Aminou. The Council stopped receiving files on October 10th 2018 and took time to examine the different ligations so as to schedule hearing which commenced on 16th October 2018.  The hearings that unfolded for four good days was a long, elaborate, tedious and a very enlightened process that demanded and required much time and energy, but to which all the actors were ready to hold to its end given the stakes.

As the President of the Constitutional Council, Clement Atangana, examined and debated on one petition to another, he passed judgment. For the 14 separate complaints laid by Bertin Kisob, it was judge inadmissible by the Council because the petitioner who is presently in the Yaounde Central Prison was not a candidate in the ongoing election. His candidacy was rejected by Elections Cameroon when President Biya convene the electorate, and that makes him unfit to appeal the 7th October polls. Same was the case with Rigobert Aminou. Cabral Libii’s petition was equally declared inadmissible by the Council because it was deposited 72 hours after the close of polling stations. This is in line with the Electoral law which argues that all litigations related to electoral dispute must be deposited at the Constitutional Council within a maximum period of 72 hours after the close of polling stations.

The petition of the CRM presidential candidate, Maurice Kamto, who called for the partial cancellation and reorganization of elections in seven regions of the country witnessed a heated debate as Kamto’s college of lawyers prayed the Council to annul the October 7 poll for what they termed as multiple irregularities. The defense counsels of Kamto faulted Elecam, the CPDM, and other administrations for not playing their appropriate role.  After hearing from all parties concerned in the case filed, the Constitutional Council rejected Kamto’s petition. The petition of the Social Democratic Front, the SDF, equally suffered the same fate and that put an end to the 18 post-electoral ligations the Constitutional Council handled.

All ears are now turned to the Council for the final proclamation of results, which according to the law must not exceed 15 days after the close of polls. Everything been equal, October 22nd, 2018, is the deadline for the Council to announce to Cameroonians who is the president for the next seven years

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