CPDM Drums More Support for Biya in East Region

The Cameroon Movement Democratic Party, CPDM, held its grand campaign meeting for the East region to the 2018 Presidential. The highly attended meeting took place at the Bertoua ceremonial ground. Militants, Sympathizers, Supporters, party bigwigs of the CPDM from all the sub sections in the East region converged on Bertoua to drum more support for their candidate, Paul Biya.

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Welcoming the personal representative of the CPDM national president, who doubles as the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovations, Mme Madeleine Tchuente, the Government Delegate of the Bertoua City Council, Alphonse Wouamane Mbele, acknowledged that the entire region was behind the candidacy of President Paul Biya. Alphonse Wouamane Mbele equally assured the Minister that the region was going to accompany candidate Biya, their champion to every level. The former governor and regional President for the coordination of the campaign in the East region, Bernard Wongolo, said though many say President Paul Biya is old, he is the only candidate who has a good project for Cameroon especially the youths. He said they can’t cite all President Biya has done for Cameroon and the East in particular, adding that the country needs peace and Biya was better place to maintain that. Speaking on behalf of the elites of the East region, erstwhile minister now senator, Badel Ndanga Ndinga, stressed that East has never failed and will fail Biya, adding that President Biya is “the choice of the heart and reasons”. Though he said their champion has done a lot and is still doing more, it was a rare moment for him to ask more.

He pleaded that the capacity of the power plant at the foot of Lom Pangar dam be increased from 30MW to 100MW to salvage the frequent power cuts and energy deficits that the region is now battling with. The Government delegate assured Minister Madeleine Tchuente that their candidate can sleep in peace because he has already won in the East region. The various speakers including friendly political parties joined their voices together to line up reason why President Biya was their unique choice. Minister Madeleine Tchuente was elated by the warm reception reserved for her and her delegation. She praised the wonderful work that the various campaign commissions have already done on the ground, encouraging them to do more for the few days remaining before elections day. Just like many others, she enumerated reasons why President Biya is their champion. She noted that with President Biya they no longer talk about natural resources but projects. She urged everyone to return to his/her base sensitizing and to win over those still doubting. It should be noted that the 33 councils in the East are run by the CPDM party.

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