CPDM SG denounces Kamto’s auto-proclamation of polls

This was during a press conference that held in Hilton Hotel in the capital city of Yaounde

Cynthia EFOPA      

Barely 24 hours after Cameroonians went to the polls to cast their votes, is the political atmosphere gripped with irregularities practiced by some party flag bearers. Its startling to state here that such irregularities decried by the CPDM and many other parties is not rotating neither around the campaigns nor the procedure in casting of votes, but surprisingly in the procedure of proclamation of results. According to Article 137 of Cameroon Electoral Code, only the Constitutional Council has the legal competence to declare the final results of the polls. And this is done within a maximum period of fifteen days after the closure of polling stations.  Going by this Code, results of the 7th October 2018 Elections in Cameroon are expected on October 22nd maximum.

Cameroonians were therefore, suddenly and startlingly taking aback when Maurice Kamto, a law professor and flag bearer of the MRC party organized a press conference on October 8th 2018 in Yaounde, 24 hours after voting, to auto proclaim himself as the winner of the year’s presidential elections. He went further to invite President Paul Biya to organize a pacific transfer of power.

In reaction, the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement and National Coordinator of the 2018 CPDM Presidential campaigns, Jean Nkuete held a press briefing during which he stated that “certain candidates are making inflammatory declarations to auto-proclaim themselves as the victors in a bid to cause an uprising of the population to defend an imaginary victory, create an atmosphere of tension, insecurity and violence in the country”. Jean Nkuete in his declaration firmly condemns such an act which he describes as a characteristic of political frailty and a translation of a disregard for the rules of democracy and its institutions that leaves them amazed in the face of such seditious and irresponsible behavior that have no foundation.

He used the opportunity to call on all compatriots, CPDM militants and sympathizers to remain peaceful, to calmly go about their occupations and not to succumb to any form of provocation while patiently awaiting for the proclamation of the results of the vote by the Constitutional Council within fifteen days as provided by the Electoral Code. He reminded them of President Paul Biya’s attachment to peace and respect of the laws and institution of the land. Not forgetting to call on CPDM allies for utmost vigilance to block the way to all forms of maneuvers which seeks to compromise peace and tranquility of Cameroon.

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