Maurice Kamto in “Bafia Dance,” Calls for Partial Cancellation of Election

The CRM presidential candidate at the October 7 presidential election who earlier declared himself winner unlawfully, has now petitioned the Constitutional Council to partially annul elections in seven regions. 

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

The 72 hours’ time frame stipulated by the Electoral Code for candidates or political parties who took part in presidential election to submit petitions at the Constitutional Council has elapsed. A total of 18 petitions have been tabled at the Council’s headquarters at the Yaounde Conference Centre. Among the petitioners is Maurice Kamto, candidate of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) who has petitioned the Constitutional Council to partially annul elections in seven regions of the country notably; the Adamawa, East, South, North, Far North, South West and North West Regions. To him, elections in these regions were marred with irregularities. In the two English-speaking regions for example, he says insecurity marred elections.

The Professor of Law who went ahead on Monday October 8, to unlawfully declare himself winner of the Sunday’s polls, is now seen as dancing what is known as “bafia dance,” that is being inconsistent. Pundits on various social media platforms are now questioning his previous outing during which he declared himself winner. If indeed he won the election as he claims, why will he now call for a partial cancellation of elections in Cameroon’s seven regions?

Kamto in his Monday’s press conference in the presence of national and international press organs, said he has taken the penalty and scored it, calling on President Paul Biya to peacefully hand over power to him. This Thursday October 11, state broadcaster is announcing that the CRM candidate has petitioned the Constitutional Council to partially cancel elections in some seven out of ten regions of the country. He claimed he had results from all polling stations in Cameroon and abroad. Trends from polling stations circulated on social media purportedly from polling stations in parts of Littoral, West and Centre regions gave Kamto a lead. The university don thus ignored the role of the Constitutional Council, the institution vested with the authority to proclaim election results in the country, to arrogate himself the victory at the just ended polls.

His declaration has attracted wide spread condemnation from the political class, diplomatic missions like the US embassy, election observers, civil society organisations and the religious.

Prof Kamto, is now seen as inconsistent politician whose party had even announced street protests if the results do not favour him. Cameroonians irrespective of their political leanings have distanced themselves from his call for violence and are suing for peace, one and indivisible Cameroon whose objective now is to focus on development and the organisation of the 2019 African Cup of Nations.


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