October 7 Presidential Election. Paul Biya Wins Landslide Victory

The incumbent scored an overwhelming 71.28% out of the nine candidates in the race.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

The truth has finally prevailed from the ballot boxes. It is now official that President Paul Biya of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party has succeeded himself at the helm of the nation following an impressive and overwhelming victory of 71.28 per cent in the October 7 Presidential election, described by many observers as free, fair and transparent.

President Paul Biya has proven beyond reasonable doubt that his candidacy was indeed the people’s call with 71.28 per cent win while the second candidate, Maurice Kamto of the CRM comes far behind with 14.23 per cent of the votes. Cabral Libii of the Univers Party is third with a paltry 6.28 per cent while the SDF flagbearer, Hon. Joshua Osih comes fourth with 3.36 per cent.

President Paul Biya had over 2.5 million votes out of the   3 590 681 who actually voted giving a participation rate of 53.82 per cent. The CPDM champion has a comfortable win in nine regions out of the ten regions of the country. President Biya’s aggressive campaign in all the 360 sub-divisions have paid off with a comfortable win as Cameroonians have given him another seven years at the State House. The proximity campaign strategy of door-to-door adopted by the CPDM Central Committee of the most population party in the country has proven to be efficient.

The Constitutional Council’s President proclaimed the results in a highly attended ceremony on Monday October 22 at the Yaounde Conference Centre headquarter of the Council. The October 7 polls it should be recalled, had nine candidates on the starting block. Cameroonians have made their choice and have given the incumbent another mandate to certainly complete the several projects he initiated in the past few years. By giving him a 71.28 per cent in an election that had eight challengers is clear testimony that Cameroonians still desire the wisdom of President Paul Biya and his drive to take Cameroon to emergence by 2035.

At the declaration of the results by the Constitutional Council, millions of Cameroonians who were following the event live on the Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), jumped in celebrations especially CPDM supporters. At the CPDM Central Committee Secretariat, down town Yaounde, the atmosphere was engulfed in total celebration as militants who turned up watched the results from giant screens.

It should be noted that this year’s presidential election was peculiar as the Constitutional Council for the first time played its constitutional role. Real democracy was on display as each step of the electoral process was scrupulously followed.

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