Presidential 2018: Haoussa Community in Bertoua Organizes A March To Hail Re-Election Of Paul Biya

Under the leadership of their leader, the Haoussa sons and daughters of Bertoua braved the pavement on October 30, 2018 to celebrate the re-election of Paul Biya to the helm of affairs in Cameroon after the proclamation of results on the 22nd of October 2018 by the constitutional council.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The Haoussa community in the city of Bertoua on October 30, 2018 held proved their unwavering support and commitment to the ideals advocated by the man of November 6, 1982.
Speaking during the march, one of the heads of the Haoussa community, Sali Adamou said they walked to magnify their unflinching support the re-election of President of the Republic for the next 7 years.

The Haoussa community affirmed that their march was geared at promoting peace which is the sole solution to maintain a drive towards sustainable development in Cameroon. They firmly believed that they will succeed under the slogan on which he has placed his next term of office. In addition to this, they expressed their motion of support to the President of the Republic who has the ability to drive safely Cameroon until its emergence; considering its many achievements in 36 years of reign.

From the intersection of the central mosque of the city to the service of the governor of the East Region through the roundabout of the Dabadji, the march centred on the slogan, “the seventh year of great opportunities”. This march no doubt by the Haoussa community has aroused admiration for these peaceful citizens who refused to believe the lies of illusion sellers.
At the rate of songs to the glory of the re-elected president, young people, adults and old men and women have mobilized for the just cause.

Upon arrival at the Governor’s office, the Inspector General of Regional Services welcomed the Haoussa community delegation under the chairperson of the organizing committee, Aladji Ali, read the motion of support and deference addressed to the Head of State. The motion of support unanimously signed by the entire community stated their unflinching support to President Paul Biya and denounced all forms of manifestation aimed at destabilizing Cameroon. In the same motion of support, Aladji Ali urges the civilian and military authorities to severely punish all troublemakers without exception in accordance with the texts and regulations in force.

After having received the document, Woulsou Jacques on behalf of the Governor of the East Region promise to transmit the motion of support to whom it is entitled, as soon as possible.

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