Presidential 2018. National Commission for General Census of Votes at Work

This commission which started work on Tuesday, October 09, 2018 at the Yaounde Congress centre is responsible for the proceeding to the general count of votes.

Emmanuel NGOTA

After the gathering of the minutes of counting in the communal antennas and the departmental agencies of ELECAM, the reports are sent to Yaounde to the National Commission general census of the votes. The Electoral Code indicates that the Commission also has the role of recording the minutes of all voting operations and correcting any material errors.
This commission represents the penultimate step in the process of publication of the results, is composed of 21 people including a president, two magistrates of the judiciary, five representatives of the administration, five representatives of Elections Cameroon and nine representatives of the nine candidates for the 2018 Presidential election.
Only the Constitutional Council presided over by Clement Atangana is authorized to proclaim the results of the polls of 07 October 2018 within 15 days.

The over 40-man team is verifying results sent in by Regional Vote Counting committees from the 7th of October presidential election. The National Commission for the Final Counting of Votes has begun crosschecking results with a call for commission members to remain meticulous, objective and disciplined.

Members of the work that awaits them as per Section 69 (1) of the April 19, 2012 Electoral Code, amended and supplemented on December 21, 2012 which states that; “The National Commission for the Final Vote Counting shall carry out the final counting of votes on the basis of reports and appended documents submitted by Divisional Supervisory Commissions. The Commission will correct clerical errors in the counting of votes. However, it shall not cancel the corresponding reports, the Electoral Code notes.

Taking part in the exercise are two representatives from the Supreme Court, five from government, five also from the electoral board, ELECAM, and 27 from political parties that participated in the poll. They shall upon completion, forward the results to the constitutional council for official publication.

Section 69 (4) of the Electoral Code stresses that; “The National Commission for the Final Counting of Votes shall draw up a report on all its operations. The report, copies of which are established according to the members, shall be signed by the Chairperson and Commissioners present. A copy of this report shall be given to each signatory member. A copy with appended documents shall be forwarded within 5 (five) days to the Constitutional Council.

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