Presidential Aspirants urges Kamto to respect the law

His auto pronouncement as victor of the presidential elections has so much receive condemnation from the political class, organizations and individuals.

Cynthia EFOPA

The candidate for the MRC party’s auto proclamation as the victor of the ongoing electoral process has sent shock waves down the spinal cord of the political, economic and social sphere of the Cameroon strata. It is with indignation and worry that a cross section of Cameroonians have mounted the rostrum to call on the presidential candidate of the MRC party, Maurice Kamto to tow the line for the rule of law must prevail.

Garga Haman Adji of the ADD party and a candidate in the present presidential race revealed that he was surprised that a refined jurist, a professor of law whose brilliant works are internationally and nationally recognized and his incomparable skills in implementing the law impeccable, is the very first person to defy and disrespect the institutions of the state by motioning an act that is grossly against the laws that prevails in the land. He reminded Maurice kamto that Cameroon is not a state of anarchy but a Republic where in there are institutions that are regulated by law. As a candidate he must respect the laws of the country as it is demanded of him, and as a practitioner of law.

According to Serge Espoir Matomba, candidate of PURS for the ongoing elections, Maurice Kamto is certainly unravelling a hidden agenda that he conceived well ahead of the beginning of elections. He however mentioned that while waiting for the Constitutional Council to make known the results of the polls, reports flowing in from the different polling stations does not permit him to aver or infirm Mr Kamto’s auto-proclamation as the victor of the 2018 presidential elections.

To the presidential aspirant of the Social Democratic Front, Joshua Osih, he reiterated that it is important for all parties, even the ruling party to understand first and foremost that an election is a democratic process inscribed in the laws and which must be respected by all. He invited all his militants and sympathizers to maintain a calm and serene atmosphere so as to avoid any upheaval. He reassures compatriots that his party, the SDF will scrupulously respect the laws binding the electoral process. He also used the occasion to call on his militants to stop if ever they were involved, in propagating the trends of vote on social media for it is detrimental to the serenity of democracy.

Many organizations, elites, traditional and opinion leaders within and out of Cameroon have come out of their comfort zones to denounce Kamto’s auto-proclamation as victor of the presidential elections. Many analysed his premature and irresponsible declaration as a relevant sign of his conception to drag Cameroon to chaos and perturb the peace Cameroon enjoys.

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