So Be It!

The Cameroon of Samuel Eto’o, Roger Milla, Manu Dibango, as built by Paul Biya who has always believed in the blessings that await the land of the Indomitable Lions; Cameroon has just demonstrated that we can count on it, and that it is indeed a country of Africa, but also, Cameroon is Cameroon.


Some candidates in the Cameroonian presidential election have focused on various subjects, with many strategies aimed primarily at seducing the electorate. The chessboards were distributed on the women, the young people, the religious, the history of Cameroon, the nostalgic episodes … Thus we saw candidates bowing on the tomb of Amadou Ahidjo, first president of Cameroon who lie quietly in Dakar, Senegal, others have focused their dividends on reconciliation with the return of the remains of this president …

It is true that this clientelist folklore had still not focused on the form of the State, the mode of governance, the mutation of the health system and education, or quite simply, on the political choices to be envisaged over the next seven years. Listening to speeches of sycophants that shone the phenotype of the future president of their heart, while shamelessly disassembling the image of the competitors, it was more to marketing ventures that debates programs too serious. It was astonishing to see President Paul Biya encamp in a silence that some have equated to disinterestedness. But if a man of this class had to debate with a professor of constitutional law like Maurice Kamto who finally showed that he had neither the honesty nor the will to put into action the right he had written himself, one understands that the sage had preferred to oppose silence and action, to gesticulation and immaturity. The sad spectacle to which Professor Maurice Kamto submitted the opinion, did not do much harm in the political milieu accustomed to vice and hypocrisy of the candidate, but more to his students, all aghast and humiliated. The praise that Professor Maurice Kamto never failed to superimpose in his time on the Head of State Paul Biya when he was still Minister Delegate for Justice, vibrated in opposition to live with his rage campaigning, slanderous at the limit, all things that exhibited the complexity of this man and his autocratic versatility.

In fact, Kamto has joined the men of not only versatile pedigree, such as the technical adviser to the head of state still in office at the presidency of the republic, Penda Ekoka, but also former convicts who consolidated then a tumultuous team of campaign, being able to lay only the numerous slippages to which we were entitled, whose last one is a peak in the world political history. Just as the President had neither harsh words nor accusers of anyone, in the only moderate speech he made on the occasion of his visit to Maroua during the campaign, he again showed once in life, gesticulation is not synonymous with vitality, and calmness is the strength of the sage. One word in humility radiated the interview given to journalists after he fulfilled his civic duty, where the president said he was proud to serve the nation, but only if the Cameroonians would still trust him. A statement that settled with the megalomania of the apprentice-sorcerer teacher, because respecting the vote of Cameroonians and institutions of the republic. It is legitimate then to think that the outcome of this consultation can know other verdict than renewed confidence of the Cameroonian people, sovereign and master of his destiny, to this man of experience. So be it!



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