Traditional Rulers Slams Kamto’s Self-proclaimed Victory Move

The custodians of the tradition drawn from the different regions of the country condemned the declarations of the CRM presidential candidate during a meeting in Yaounde, saying it is contrary to the Electoral Code.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

Reactions on the self-proclamation of victory by the presidential candidate of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), Maurice Kamto, are still pouring in from different stakeholders. Cameroonians of different walks of life as well as international election observers have earlier expressed indignation vis-à-vis Kamto’s declaration. Traditional rulers of Mfoundi Division and heads of traditional communities living in Mfoundi Division in the Centre Region of Cameroon took their turn to condemn the move by the CRM candidate during an enlarged meeting in Yaounde on Wednesday October 10.

The custodians of the tradition did not only denounce the unlawfulness of the Law Professor but equally sensitised the population on the importance of preserving peace in the country.

To the President of the Mfoundi traditional rulers’ association, His Royal Highness (HRH) Abanda Pie, they (traditional chiefs) are not happy with the declaration of one of the presidential candidates who went ahead to declare himself winner of the October 7 presidential election. The traditional rulers called on Cameroonians to remain calm as the national vote counting commission is still at work for the subsequent proclamation of results by the Constitutional Council. “We decided to meet together and made a declaration following the irregularity observed as a candidate went ahead to unlawfully declare himself winner of the presidential election. We therefore resolved in our conference to sensitise our subjects in our communities to wait for the official publication of results by the Constitutional Council in the next few days,” HRH Abanda Pie stated.

Similarly, the paramount ruler of Bazou in the Nde Division in the West Region, in a statement noted that they are very concerned with the revolutionary statements by candidate Maurice Kamto which according to them is aimed at destabilising the nation in the aftermath of the October 7 presidential election. “We vigorously condemn the media release of a fellow, not concerned with the preservation of peace, national unity and stability necessary for the consolidation of our democracy and the smooth development of our country. We therefore strongly urge our people, sons and daughters wherever they are not to be supportive of such a gross and evil manipulation towards which our enemies want to lead us, by tactfully triggering clashes between Cameroonians,” his declaration reads in parts.

The Maurice Kamto declaration continue to attract wide spread condemnation from across the board as attention is now focused on the Constitutional Council to publish the results of the October 7 presidential election.

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