Transparency International Appreciation of Elections in Cameroon

Transparency international which one of the international observation mission in charge of monitoring the just ended elections in Cameroon have revealed that the pedagogic approach adopted by the election governing body ELECAM allowed no room for fraud but calm in all the polling stations visited. They have also disclosed that the military presence in some towns visited in the South West region of the country was to ensure the security of voters and polling officers.

Johnson ETAPE

The officials of transparency international who convene the press conference in Yaounde were six in number. They were of French, Tunisia and America nationality who were members of the transparency international dispatch to some major towns in the Littoral, West, Center and the South West region to oversee the conduct of the October 7th presidential election in Cameroon. In Yaounde, Douala, Buea, Limbe, Bafoussam amongst other towns that they visited, the impression was marked by an overwhelming sentiment of satisfaction for the security putting place by the local administrative authority and the election governing body ELECAM to ensure a free, fair and transparent election for all the nine presidential candidates who contested for the race to the unity palace in Cameroon. American born Nurick Bright of transparency international visited some polling stations in the Littoral and the troubled South West region and came back with an impression that in the polling stations visited she noticed that over 50 percent of the registered voters came to vote on election itself. To her the voting centers were calm, quiet people visited the polls which were well organized and they didn’t see any risk behaviour.

There was good elaboration in the elections, it was transparent. As concern the general organization of the election the observers from the different polling stations all had a converging view on words of appreciation that ELECAM with a pedagogic approach to bar the way for any electoral fraud. To them, ELECAM did a formidable job in favor of the nine presidential candidates. According to transparency international they did a wonderful and great job. People were attended too, they were available in polling stations on time with all the paper work. They knew how to close and sign the papers, were participative in their approach and took care of all the polling centers. All in all to the officials of transparency international hold that the election was well done. The observers also revealed that while the was a low turnout of voters in some polling stations in the South West region, the story was different in Bafoussam, Douala, and Yaounde. And that the security disposition seen on the field was to guarantee the safety of voters and the polling officers.

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