Government Supports Traditional Doctors Through ARAM.

The second edition of open days for the association for research on Anthropology and traditional medicine (ARAM) has begun at the Solomon Tandeng Muna’s foundation in Yaounde Cameroon. Holding on theme the practice of traditional medicine going stake due to degradation of tradition the rally has brought together traditional rulers and doctors from most region in Cameroon. Opening the open days the Secretary general at the ministry of higher education said government will not relent its effort to support traditional doctors in the country.

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The role of the minister of higher education is to carry research that can be exploited by other partner ministries like health and scientific research. This is the reason why the secretary general at the ministry of higher education Prof Kemogne Emile said government is very ready to accompany traditional doctors in their effort to heal and treat patients. He adviced the members of ARAM to work directly with the ministry of public health for effective follow up and improve hygiene in their medication. Some forest in the Nyong and Kelle division which are consider national pharmacies equally needs the attention of the ministry of environment and forestry.

Traditional doctors who belong to the ARAM association have displayed a variety of natural medication mostly herbs at the Solomon Tandeng Muna’s foundation. According to their president Prof Bonaventure Ngadji, must of the herbs have been tested to be very effective in the treatment of malaria, delivering complications, typhoid fever and even cardiovascular illnesses. He insisted that they can be no traditional treatment without the forest which is the natural pharmacy. He however decried the fact that many Cameroonians have a very look warm attitude toward taking traditional medicine saying that they believe good health is only achieved through modern medicine.

The expert at the open days from the administration and even the Diaspora have explained to the traditional doctors how they can income science in the field of the traditional medicine in Cameroon Prof Julie Laplante from Ottawa Canada said she has visited so many villages and traditional doctors in Cameroon and appreciates the job they are doing in the field. She however cautioned the sanitation and dosage of traditional medicine which still needs to be kindly followed up by health experts, its incorporate science.

The good news at the open days organized by the association for research on Anthropology and traditional medicine is that on instructions from the president of the republic Paul Biya henceforth traditional doctors will be given some incentives by the ministry of public health. The representative of the delegate of health therefore urges traditional doctors not yet registered with ARAM association to do so. This is because only traditional doctors who belong to associations will receive incentives offered by the government of Cameroon.

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