Health Campaign. Free for CPDM Militants of Mfoundi Five

The Mfoundi five section on the CPDM party has launched a week long health campaign in the Yaounde five municipality a call on the population to take advantage of the free medical consultation and know their health status. The section president Augustin Mbala also used the occasion to exhort CPDM supporters to go and collect their voter’s cards so as to ensure victory for their presidential candidate Paul Biya on October 7th.

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The 2018 health campaign organized for CPDM militants and other Cameroonians residing in the Mfoundi five will take place in six health district found in the municipality for period of seven days CPDM supporters will be screened for eyes diseases, ear problem, malaria and cancer amongst other illnesses according to the section president of Ndzie Clement a lot is expected of the militants as from September 22nd when official campaign to convince voters to vote in favor of their candidate Paul Biya will launched. Hence to ensure that the militants are strong and on their feet it necessary to organized such a health campaign to check the physical and mental health of militants. The campaign exercise will equally entail that CPDM supporter in the Mfoundi five move from door to door and sometimes to very inaccessible areas to carry out campaign. This is the main reason why some militants of the party with the financial support from the party chairman Paul Biya decided to invest millions of francs cfa on the health of the supporters.

The population of the Yaounde five has saluted the initiative of the big wig of the CPDM party for considering their health priority. They have described it as a sign to show that the CPDM party is a party of togetherness and one of the common good this is because the campaign which is free of charge is for both the CPDM militants and the non CPDM supporters. It is designed to help Cameroonians residing in Yaounde five municipalities irrespective of their religious, ethnic and political backgrounds. It should be noted that the CPDM party own by the incumbent president Paul Biya of Cameroon is one of those rare party that always organized free health campaign for its militants as explained by Augustin Mbala the health campaign equally aims at promoting a healthy living together for all Cameroonians especially at when the Yaounde five municipality has witnessed an influx in the population from the north west and south west regions who are unable to take care of their health needs.

The free health campaign for the CPDM militant in the Yaounde five municipality to run for 7 days is expected to greatly keep the militants active before the campaign begin on September 22nd. A healthy militant is a sign of victory to the CPDM party whose candidate is President Paul Biya.

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