Health. Interns of Bertoua Regional Hospital Receive Gifts

Approaching the celebration of the Feast of the Nativity 2018, the Circle of wives of the administrative authorities of Lom and Djerem (CEREPA-LD) seized the festive period to bring smiles to the patients of the paediatric pavilion and neonatology of this training Hospital. The toy distribution ceremony took place on Sunday, December 9, 2018 in the presence of Dr. Ntassou, representative of the Director of the Bertoua Regional Hospital.

Emmanuel NGOTA

All recipients of donations offered by CEREPA-LD to the regional hospital in the East Region are well pleased at a time when they and their parents were spending difficult times, they had to be comforted and smiled at the care they enjoyed here, so that their health could be restored as quickly as possible.

Thus, Dr. Ntassou, on behalf of the Director of the Regional Hospital of Bertoua, spoke after having accompanied the benefactors of the day, at the bedside of all the targeted patients of the day. Indeed, the wives of the 8 sub-prefects in the Division of Lom and Djerem and that of the prefectural authority through their associative movement, (CEREPA-LD) are in a dynamic of active solidarity since the beginning of this year.

This impulse of solidarity that guides our step led Cameroon report to the side of sick and interned children at the Bertoua Regional Hospital. These donations are the result of the efforts accompanied by the eight ladies as they toured the targeted pavilions to personally hand over their gifts. At the paediatric ward, officials report that 48 children from Cameroon and 6 refugee children received donations. As for the Neonatology Pavilion, 27 Cameroonian patients and 6 African refugees were noted. During the passages of the Ladies of CEREPA-LD, they benefited from the cheers and thanks of all the parents (care-patients) for their humanist gesture.

It should be recalled that the ceremony of the day marks the closing of the annual activities of the association; at the end of the year which have a satisfactory record in view of the fact that we have been able to furrow all the administrative units of the Division of Lom and Djerem for similar activities. With the technical support of those responsible for social affairs that identify the needy, as they go down to the field for support them and tell them that they are not forgotten to themselves.

This gesture by women of Bertoua is an inspiration drawn from the CERAC women geared at helping the needy most especially in this period of charity.

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