Yaoundé Central Hospital. Professor Pierre Fouda Debunks Sequestration of Nursing Mothers

During a press briefing last Friday, the director of this health unit, Professor Pierre Joseph Fouda took stock of the situation of patients unable to pay their care, and assured that none of them had been forcibly detained.

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A press briefing to deny any sequestration act of women at the Yaoundé Central Hospital of (HCY) on the grounds of unpaid bills was held last Friday August 3, 2018, while the news was the “buzz” on the web and in some newspapers as reiterated by Prof. Pierre Joseph Fouda, director of this health facility. While briefing the press on this issue, the director of the Yaoundé Central Hospital said he was surprised to see this information at the press review as well as unbearable photos of mothers on the floor, others under the bed, in a cramped room, an unacceptable and inhumane situation. Supporting that these false clichés of disrespect for human dignity, do not fit with reality. The director maintains that it is pure manipulation. Until last Friday, he claims that there was only one woman who was waiting for payment at the maternity ward, without being sequestered. And the last news was that she returned home.

This press conference also allowed Professor Pierre Joseph Fouda to take stock of the social actions of the Central Hospital. According to him, everything is done on a daily basis so that no woman dies giving life. The unconditional care of vital emergencies decided by the hierarchy is applied to the letter, although recovery is not easy.

In 2017, the hospital’s shortfall compared to caesarean section kits was nearly 13 million F. This does not include the costs of surgery, anaesthesia, laboratory, hospitalization and blood service. That’s about 33 million in total. In one year, he said, more than 350 women had their children by caesarean section of the 4000 registered births. A good part comes from the peripheral structures and cannot pay its bills.

Professor Pierre Joseph Fouda added that the role of his health facility is to save them and their children with respect for human dignity. And after the deliverance, those who can pay do it. A social service and a poverty commission are in place to evaluate the various cases, allowing the general management to make fair and equitable decisions.

In this regard, it appears since January 2018 that the hospital released women for nearly seven million F, because the commission had concluded that they could not pay. The HCY cannot continually do the social, Prof. Pierre Joseph Fouda calls for the involvement of all for this health facility continues to ensure its public service missions as bad faith of certain families, selfishness on the verge of wickedness are often manifested. The director concluded that how can we explain that we refuse to pay even the drugs made available by the hospital to save your life? He asked, visibly surprised.

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