Cameroon Offers Aviation English Language Training for Africa

The courses that will be taught in Cameroon will include technical language jargons peculiar to the aviation industry for facilitate communication among aviation personnel worldwide.

Wianeng Wanmbui

An international expert from the United Kingdom, Henry Emery is currently training instructors in a workshop in Yaounde to enable them develop a customized training and assessment system for aviation personnel in African countries. This will enable the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority’s Training School to begin training and certifying aviation personnel on English language proficiency. The future instructors and examiners for the tests, drawn from the Yaounde and Douala Linguistic Centers and the aviation industry, are being trained in a two weeks workshop organized in Yaounde by the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority in collaboration with Latitude. It is a UK-based consultancy firm certified by the International Civil Aviation Organization to develop and implement English language tests for aviation personnel worldwide.

Henry Emery, Managing Director of Latitude Aviation English Service, who began training participants yesterday, says the exercise is very important for aviation safety. He said participants are developing a language test for license holders for air traffic controllers and pilots as well as search and rescue personnel. This would be used to measure the ability of the personnel to communicate in non-routine and emergency situations. “My mission is to transfer expertise in language tests development to the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority,” he said. His firm provides training to pilots, air traffic controllers, regulators, universities, aviation training organizations, navigation service providers all over the world.

The ongoing intensive training in the CCA building in Yaounde is to build the capacity of the personnel and raise the standards of the school. Civil aviation personnel have an English Language test score requirement for issuance of licenses. They are trained on listening comprehension, speaking fluency, pronunciation, among other modules. This is going to be the first English language proficiency center for aviation in the Central African sub region. Formerly, personnel in the zone were awarded licenses without fulfilling the English language requirement because there were no training and assessment centers in the sub region.

Worthy of note is the fact that English is the language for aviation worldwide and therefore necessary for all aviation personnel regardless of where they find themselves.

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