Commercial Motto Bike Riders denies destabilization of Cameroon

The sector has warned political leaders to use them as a stepping stone to achieve their egoistic goals.

Cynthia EFOPA      

The political and economic class are conscious of the fact that commercial motto bike riders are a group of persons that can easily be manipulated for one reason or the other. Most political leaders have often make use of the vulnerability of this group that comprises persons of varied intellectual levels to stage demonstrations on the streets of capital cities. The 2008 hunger strike is a glaring example especially in the town of Douala. Conscious of this fact, the head of Commercial motto-bike riders in the city of Yaounde, Bertin Mathieu Fodjeu, in a press conference organized by the Association of Commercial Moto bike riders declared that the threat of destabilizing Cameroon looms, and many politicians wish to manipulate motto bike riders to achieve their egoistic goals. He firmly declared that such intention of dragging the country into a post-electoral crise is not and will not be part of their agenda. He warns political players to stop making use of his colleagues to solve their divergent ideas and that they will do everything at their disposal to denounce all those who wish to plunge them to destabilize the peace and unity the country enjoys.

For over an hour, the commercial bike riders listened attentively as their president addressed the press and they all buttress the information he delivered. Tadjio Pierre is a commercial motto bike rider in the city of Yaounde who declared “we are not ping-pongs of political parties. If they have political differences let them go to the right quarters in charge of hearing disputes… they should stop making use of us as their shields in spurring confusion and unrest…more to that, they make us vulnerable as they disturb our business and expose us to poverty..”  Many of them who had packed their bikes and removed their helmets to take part in the press brief equally supported their president’s declaration.

This association of motor bike riders has been very influential during this electoral process. They participated in mobilizing their colleagues to register massively on the electoral lists and they have been very instrumental to make sure they collected their voter’s card and cast their vote on October 7th, 2018. As Cameroonians patiently await the proclamation of the results of the polls by the Constitutional Council, they warned all ill-mannered politicians not to approach them in their mischievous plans.

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