Colonel Jotsa Takes Command of 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade

Appointed on May 7 by the Head of State, Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces, the senior military officer was commissioned on May 12 in Buea, South West Region, during a ceremony chaired by Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo. His appointment by the Head of State is expected to reignite vigour and discipline in the current fight against secessionist terrorists in the South West Region and restore normalcy in all fabrics of life in the region.

The 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade in Buea, South West Region has a new commander. Colonel David Jotsa, appointed by the Head of State, Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces on May 7, has officially taken over his functions in the restive South West Region, where separatists terrorists and outlaws have been perpetrating violence for some time now.

While Commissioning the 57-year old senior military officer, the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence (MINDEF), was exhaustive in enumerating the missions assigned to the new commander of the 21st Motorized Infantry Brigade (21st BIM), prominent amongst which is the protection and safeguard of the territorial integrity of the country.

After the handing over of the command baton to Colonel David Jotsa by the Major General, Commander of the 2nd Joint Military Region, Saly Mohamadou, Joseph Beti Assomo immediately ordered him to resolutely and vigorously get down to work. He urged him to strictly adhere to instructions of the hierarchy as he rapidly deploys troops to the ground.

The major mission of the Commander of the 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade is to ensure the territorial integrity of the country by completely eradicating terrorists and outlaws, in order to facilitate the optimal functioning of all administrative units in the South West region.

Minister Beti Assomo also implored Colonel Jotsa to, as a matter of urgency; cause the effective resumption of work at the two giant agro-industries in the region notably PAMOL Plantation in Ndian Division and Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) which have been grounded due to the ongoing Anglophone Crisis.

The MINDEF boss also exhorted the new commander to tighten supervision of men and the strict observance of discipline by the troops. This, according to Joseph Beti Assomo, is to avoid violation of instructions which often lead to the despicable assassination of soldiers by terrorists. He must also “scrupulously respect the defence secrets, undermined for some time by some men of the defence forces,” MINDEF stressed.

Shawn-Nathan Epang

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