Fight Against Terrorism. Military General Implores NW Population to Create Vigilante Groups

Brigadier General Agha Robinson of the 5th Military Region based in Bamenda met with the press recently during which he expressed the need for Army-population synergy in combatting terrorism attacks by armed secessionist in the region.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

Cameroon military combating armed separatist in the North West Region are poised to work with the population in eradicating heightened insecurity in the region following an escalation violence by secessionist groups. The military like the case in the Far North Region where Cameroon was fighting against Boko Haram, has expressed the necessity for a synergy between the population and the army so that the fight is effective.

This was the quintessence of the recent meeting between the media and General Robinson Agha and his close aides at the conference hall of the 5th Military Region in Bamenda, North West Region. The meeting with the top security official of the North West Region was simply to use the mass media to advocate for collaboration. During the meeting, Brigadier General Agha called on the North West population to create vigilante groups, stand for their rights and put an end to threats and other atrocities committed by armed secessionist forces in their communities.

While regretting that the military cannot be everywhere at the same time, the senior military official implored the population to shun fear and create vigilante groups in each quarter. He particularly appealed to traditional and church leaders to help in the task.

“The protection of schools and the population depends on us all. It is a partnership. In quarters we should create vigilante groups. We should have deployed our soldiers for patrols, we are securing schools too but we cannot be everywhere. Sometimes we can come a minute or two late but it’s important that whenever something is happening they call us so that we intervene on time,” he stated.

The 5th Military Region Commander challenged the churches and the population to denounce secessionist atrocities. “They cannot kidnap principals, school children and we stay quite. We need to come out and denounce these guys and expose their hideouts. We have to come out, pursue them and bring them to book. We will not continue to tolerate this kind of attitude,” General Agha reiterated.

He cited some communities in the North West Region that have been collaborating with the defence and security forces and have on their own pushed out secessionist terrorists. Other communities like the Mbororos in Romock-Nwa in Donga Mantung Division, he said, have reported cases of secessionist fighters’ hideout and even arrested the leader of the secessionist gang which was handed to the forces of law and order.

The military chief of the region urged the journalist to each preach truth and peace so that children can effectively go to school. He also warned against fake news notably on social media and challenged the journalists to counter it so that truth will prevail. General Agha reassured the population that any military personnel guilty of crimes against humanity shall be sanctioned severely.

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