Gendarmerie Boss in a working visit in North Region

Galax Yves Etoga and a delegation composed of a cream of Gendarmerie officers were in Garoua to take stock of the security of the region.

Cynthia EFOPA

The visit that came on the heels of the security meeting convened by the Commander-in-chief of the Defence Forces, President Paul Biya to ensure total security prior to the 2018-2019 school  resumption and the October upcoming presidential elections can be assumed ignited  the Gendarmerie boss’s decent on the field.

Flanked by a cross section of a cream of Gendarmerie officers, the Gendarmerie boss and his collaborators made stops at the Gendarmerie command post, the headquarters of the third Gendarmerie region, the North Gendarmerie Legion and the Motorized Platoon. At each stop, they held separate working session with the staff and operatives during which the gendarmerie Secretary of State congratulated his men for their professionalism and commitment in the exercise of their mission. He cautioned that as Cameroon prepares for the upcoming October polls, the Gendarmerie who by the nature of its mission has total proximity with the population must more than ever put hands on deck to make sure that the elections unfold in total serenity. Intelligence gathering must be intensify, patrols multiplied and suspected individuals placed under police custody for onward transmission to the competent state council. He reiterated that they must ensure that all citizens within their zone of competence carry out their civic duties without any hitches.

Away from elections, the Secretary of State to the Minister of Defence in charge of the National Gendarmerie, GalexYves Etogatook stock of the security situation on the ground, boost the moral of the troops and equally focused on the security strategy that must be put in place as Garouais one of the towns that will play host to one of the polls that will participate in the 2019 African Cup of Nations. To this, he invited them to exercise their duty with efficiency and to continue to exercise good manners worthy of building positively the image of the National Gendarmerie especially as the event will bring together visitors from other countries.

Prior to this visit to the North region, the Gendarmerie executive made major stops at Maroua and Kousseri where he equally met with the Gendarmerie commanders for a working session . He will be carrying similar exercise in the Adamawa region.

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