Measures to counter resurgence of Boko Haram

An extraordinary summit of the Lake Chad Basin was organized by member countries to relook plans of curbing the rebirth of the activities of the Boko Haram Sect.

Cynthia EFOPA      

An extraordinary summit of the Lake Chad Basin Commission took place on November 29th, 2018 in the Tchadian capital city of Ndjamena. The Prime Minister and Head of Government, Philemon Yang represented President Paul Biya in this high-level meeting that has as objective to introduce new strategies to counter the resurgence of the Boko Haram terrorists’ group.

Of recent the insurgency has multiplied series of attacks in the lake Chad Basin targeting countries of the Lake Chad Basin like Niger, Chad, Nigeria and Cameroon.  They have multiplied their modus-operandi and no more limit themselves to suicide bombings. Rape, abduction and kidnappings of women and girls have multiplied.

On Wednesday 28th November 2018, at about 7: 45 am, two girls loaded with improvised explosive devices arrived at the Amshide periodic market in the Far North Region of Cameroon. One of the girls moved into the market and had her herself exploded while the other was rapidly intercepted by the elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion and was neutralized. The incident left some 29 persons wounded. 16 of them who were gravely injured were transferred to the Mora Hospital where they are undergoing treatment provided by Doctors without Borders while the rest of the victims were taken to the health unit of the Rapid Intervention Battalion for treatment.

In Nigeria, they have equally multiplied attacks and have engaged in a face to face battle with the Nigerian Army. The Chadians on their part have reinforced measures to secure their boarders and to pre-empt any action of Boko Haram.

The revival of the violent activities of this rebel group will however meet stiff resistance from the Multinational Task Force which is the military arm under the auspices of the Lake Chad Basin charged with fighting against Boko Haram incursions. Since its creation, the Force has been victorious thanks to the interoperation ability of the different components and the corporation of some traditional partners. Their numerous operations weakened the Boko Haram rebel group and it was left just a shadow of itself.  This however has not stopped the Defense Forces from being vigilant and determined.

This extra ordinary summit of the Lake Chad Basin was therefore meant to re-strategize on the different methods to confront the renascent of the insurgency.

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