MINDEF Issue Communique On Killing In Bambui

The Minister Delegate at the presidency in charge of defence, in his communique, informs the general public that on Tuesday October 30, 2018 at about 10:00am, a group of terrorists who took cover at the junction known as “Four Corners” stormed Bambui, a rural agglomeration located 14km from Bamenda, in the Tubah Sub-division, Mezam Division, of the North West Region with the objective to attack the University and the Gendarmerie Brigade of Tubah.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The incident has raised eye brows as those in the diaspora have twisted the train of event as they claimed that the Cameroon defense forces shot the Reverend Pastor in Bamenda. To this effect the minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defence issued a communique saying that at about 10:00am, Reverend Charles Truman Wesco, an American, born on the 29th of August 1974 and Pastor of the Cameroon Bible fellowship on board his car with his wife, son and driver was shot by these terrorists who were on cover. The Pastor received a bullet on the temple and was immediately rushed to the Nkwen Health Centre and later to the Bamenda Regional Hospital where he finally gave up the ghost.

Immediately, tracked by the Defence and Security Forces, who were stationed around the University of Bamenda, the armed terrorists reposted, thereby igniting a cross exchange of fire between the terrorists and the Defence Forces.

Report reveals 4 terrorists were neutralized, riffles retrieved and many others within their ranks wounded. A fourth year Cameroonian student by name Gregory Nsabarang Ngeh, of the Higher Technical Teachers Training College, fortuitously found around the vicinity was wounded during the exchange of fire and is presently receiving medical attention. So too is Lieutenant Nkol Aganji Serge. Following this another regrettable incident, an investigation was immediately opened.

The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in Charge of Defence calls on all foreigners to always inform the Defence and Security Forces of their presence in the zone each time they wish to stay. In addition, he thanked the population for their remarkable and patriotic contribution in the fight against terrorism that Cameroon is carrying out in the North West and South West Regions.

To this effect, the Cameroon defence forces have rallied behind the defence and security forces to denounce all acts of terrorism in the North West and South West regions so that the people can go about their daily activities hitch free. The situation is gradually ameliorating as the defence forces have adopted a strategy to go get the terrorist in their hide outs; this strategy has paid off as many camps of the secessionist terrorist groups have been destroyed and many rifles recovered.

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