NGO’s Silent in the face of Human rights Violation

The same international nongovernmental associations who claim to protect the rights of persons are surprisingly absent in places where they are highly needed.

Cynthia EFOPA

The crises rocking the South West and North West regions has caused devastating effects on persons and their goods. The way things are unfolding on the field, one could say it is still a distance away to be resolved giving the way the terrorists, armed gun men and secessionists are shifting and creating new paradigm to launch attacks. It all started with the killings of soldiers, followed was the arsoning of schools and government infrastructures, then kidnappings for ransom, and today it is gorging of highways that takes the form of highway robbery. In the face of all these mutations of strategy used by terrorists, the government has not been silent as it has equally anticipated some security measures to impede the insurgency from taking some moves that will be detrimental to persons and goods. All stakeholders of goodwill have time without number deprecated and condemned the gruesome act this terrorist have caused on the population and the economy. The representative of the United Nation Education Scientific and Cultural Organization in Cameroon and many others have decried the killings and threats on actors of the educational community.

However, while those of good fate are making pronouncements that can help to curb the crises, there are some others who are very much interested only to condemn government actions despite how firm state institutions is resolved to bring normalcy back in the regions. They are quick to pigeon hole the government for acts they consider, most often without verifications, as illegal and tantamount to the violation of the right of the population. The question that pricks the mind is how honest are these associations and non-governmental organizations are they in the dispensation of their duty? Why are they silent when odious acts are committed by terrorists on the population, students and pupils in the South and North West regions? Why they are only heard of when government legitimately crack down terrorists strongholds? It is hard to understand why this same nongovernmental organizations who leave no stone unturned to denigrate the work of government are suddenly soundless when terrorists are perpetrating violence of the highest order.

It is regrettable to notice this phenomenon which leaves the mind to ponder as to what it is their objective? From an elementary point of view, their biased actions leave the mind to conclude to the fact that they might equally have the ambition to set this peaceful country in chaos for their egoistic interest. If that be the case, then their aspirations are still far fetch, for Cameroonians are jealous of their unity and will hardly give way for another party to tear their country apart.  Cameroon is made up of republican institutions that guarantees the wellbeing of its population despite some lapses, which is for sure normal in all administrations, and as a country it will always play its role to ensure the unity, peace, stability and social cohesion of its citizens. That cannot be trade for whatever price!

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