NO/SO. Secessionists responsible for atrocities

The Akum incident is a veritable example of the gruesome acts and lies committed by secessionists but allegedly attributed to the Defence Forces.

Cynthia EFOPA      

The Cameroon Defence and Security Forces is a republican institution rooted in the core values of protecting persons and their goods, the national integrity of the state and the respect of state alliance and conventions with friendly countries. Its mature and gradual process of development since its inception in 1959 has made the Defence apparatus a veritable force to reckon with and a symbol of what the Cameroon people believe in. As an institution evolving in a contemporary world, it has left no stone unturned to upgrade its skills so as to meet up with modern challenges from within and without its borders. Before the 21st century, the Defence organ was concentrated in drilling and recruiting its personnel while impacting them with ideas that will forever shape their patriotism for their fatherland.

However, this episode was pushed away by a new dawn marked with high rate of insecurity on the Cameroon soil, thereby changing the paradigm of the posture of the army. An era tarred by attacks on the population and their goods by the Boko Haram insurgency in the Far North, Piracy in the waters of the Littoral, high rate of insecurity in the East due to the spillover effect of the sectarian crises in neighboring Central African Republic, and most recently, the socio-political crises plaguing the North West and South West regions. In all these fronts of battles and peace keeping, the Cameroon Defence and Security Forces have kept the flag of the country blowing high. The protection of persons and their goods has never quit as part of their rules of engagement, not even when they are in fox holes under terrorist fire.

Their actions in the situation that prevails in the North West and South West have not fallen short of any of the values. Today, security officers are in the two predominantly English- speaking regions to ensure the safety of persons and properties; protect children going to school, teachers, school infrastructures and all that groups to make the citizen go about his or her daily affairs. Never have they attacked peaceful and loving people, never have they attacked the church, school authorities, never have they bring to a halt the activities of economic operators, attack passengers or destroy travel agencies. The latter was what happened some few days ago in Akum in the North West Region, yet the enemies of doom claim the security forces did that. It is deplorable how some people find happiness in misleading the masses, how they deceive the same people they claim to guide and how they make live unlivable and unbearable for the same people they promise heaven on earth. The Security forces will always stick to its duty and no amount of fidgeting will make the prestigious institution falter, for it is a melting pot and a zenith representation of the different components that makes the Cameroon Nation, reasons why its strategy is encompass in the concept of the bond, the army and the nation.

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