North-West and South-West Crisis. Operation Go Get Them

The defense and security forces have been mild in their approach during the start of the crisis plaguing the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. From the start point they had as mission in maintaining peace and order but as the events unfolded, the crisis transpired into a terrorist connotation.

Emmanuel NGOTA

When the crisis in the North West and South West Regions escalated over two years ago, it was mere riot by teachers and lawyers in the amelioration of their working conditions. The government called for a platform so that this issue can be tabled. As a matter of fact, through series of dialogues, most of the issues were resolved not until when men of the underworld and people of bad faith stepped in to spoil the show with their ill intention. Thus giving rise to another form of conflict drifted towards terrorist attacks.

With the advent of this change of events, series of terrorists groups emerged from the North West and south west regions under the banner of the Ambazonia Defense Forces. They had as intention in exterminating the personnel of defense and security forces, administrative and traditional authorities. Apart from murdering these authorities, they’ve went ahead in kidnapping them and even go the extend of burning down state institutions likewise recruiting youths within the ranks and preventing them from attending schools.

In the face of these security challenges, the change of tactics necessitated another approach by the defence and security forces which drifting from the normal maintenance of public other to the fight against terrorism. The approach to this threat was timely as the commander in chief of the armed forces put in the necessary security dispositions to water down the terrorists. The first step taken was to sensitize the population to collaborate with the defence and security forces through the concept of popular defence, a clean strategy to put an end to the crisis.

Statistics reveals that the population at the start point were reticent to collaborate only when they came to notice that the drugged gangs took the advantage of the crisis to extort from the local population, disrupting their activities which fetches them money for their livelihood, and above all creating panic and false information to gain sympathy.

The defence and security forces say enough is enough reasons why as they have taken the bull by the horn to fight to the last drop of their blood to put an end to this this worry once and for all.  The synergy between the army and the population has yielded fruit as the secessionist terrorist groups are on their knees, begging for mercy as their camps are being destroyed day in day out. The storm is about to be over as there is no hiding place for them.

Had it been their stands for perpetrating such acts were genuine, the international community and great powers haven’t condemned these ungodly act most especially in their modus operandi in kidnapping, arson, murder and many uncatholic act that are immeasurable.

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