North-West and South-West Crisis. Secessionists Kill Catholic Priest

In the afternoon of Wednesday November 21, 2018 at about 3:30pm some unidentified gunmen dressed in combat outfit shot Reverend Father Cosmas Ondore Oboto

Emmanuel NGOTA

This another sad incident occurred in front of the Kembong chapel, a rural agglomeration situated some 20 kilometres away from the Eyumedjock Division, Manyu Sub-Division where they shot a priest by name Cosmas Ondore Oboto of Kenyan nationality aged 33 years residing at Kembong. The priest died on the spot and was taken to the Mamfe Annex Regional Hospital mortuary. In this respect, Administrative and Military authorities were only informed of the tragic happening in the morning November 22, 2018, thus compromising the prompt search operation as usual.

An in-depth investigation was immediately opened following this regrettable episode. The preliminary investigation carried out so far reveals that the authors of this crime are in a guise to discredit the Defense and Security Forces as the secessionist activist, Eric Tataw based in the United States of America promised to kill all foreigners found within the North-West and South-West Regions in order to draw the attention of the international community concerning the prevailing crisis rocking the predominantly English speaking Regions. From every indication, the orders given by Eric Tataw through the social media to these terrorists and armed groups are being respected accordingly.

Before the assassination of Reverend Father Cosmas Ondore Oboto, a Gendarmerie patrol team was ambushed around the Kembong-Eyumedjock stretch at about 6:30am on the same day of the tragic incident a non-commissioned officer of the National Gendarmerie was seriously wounded and lost his eye. This non-commissioned officer was evacuated to Douala for medical attention. This therefore is clear evidence that the assailants who benefited from the complicity of the population were the ones that killed the priest.

The assassination of Reverend Father Cosmas Ondore Oboto comes on the heels of the killing of pastor Wesco Truman a national from the United States of America who was on his missionary mission in the North West Region under the banner of the Cameroon bible fellowship.

In this vein, the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in Charge of Defense once again calls on all foreigners whose presence is veritably indispensable, to inform administrative authorities and the Defense and Security Forces of their movements in the North West and South West Regions where terrorists groups are proving their limits in causing chaos.

To this, he calls on the population to cooperate with the Defense and Security Forces by providing useful information which will permit them react appropriately to save lives and put an end to such acts perpetrated in the North-West and South-West Regions.

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