North-West Governor Review Curfew time

The population has jumped for joy as this gives them more time to carry out their daily activities.

Cynthia EFOPA

The crises rocking the South West and North West Regions obliged the administrative authorities to take decisions aimed at protecting persons and their goods and maintain the tranquility of the region. Owing to the fact that armed separatists often attacked civilians and soldiers at night or perpetrate other violent activities at nocturnal hours, the Governor of the North West Region, Adolf Lele Lafrique had placed the region under a curfew that ran from 6pm to 6am. During this period movements of persons and property within the North-West Region was restricted. Snacks, nightclubs were obliged to close while commercial transport agencies were obliged to leave or enter town within the time limits.

Weighing the security situation on the ground and taking into consideration the frank collaboration and good fate manifested by the people of the North West Region to see that peace and tranquility returns to the Region, the Governor on November 24th, 2018 signed another regional order to review the curfew time. He modified it from 9pm to 6am daily instead of the usual 6pm to 6am.  The population of the North West region were so glad to receive this new modification that has added them more time to carry out their activities.

In the regional order, the Governor appreciated the collaboration and high sense of discipline and sacrifice so far exercised by the inhabitants of the region in the fight against secessionist’s activists and the quest to preserve territorial integrity and national unity. He expressed government’s determination and hope to restore a speedy return to normalcy. He called on the peace loving, law abiding and God-fearing population of the North West Region to mobilize as one person and to assist government towards the restoration of a healthy and serene socioeconomic and security environment for the much-cherished welfare of all its citizens.

During his oath taking ceremony, President Paul Biya, in his inaugural speech called on all the youths who have taken up arms to lay down their weapons and come back to reasoning, for the path they have chosen is not fruitful as it can only head to doom. He appealed on them to come out of their hidings and regain normal life. He declared he will do his all for peace to return to the regions of the North West and South West Regions.

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