North West Region. Security Measures reinforced

The Governor of the North West Region has organized a meeting with security stakeholders of the region to tackle insecurity during end of year festivities.

Cynthia EFOPA

It is December again, and the cities are lively with the excitement of Christmas fever. The hustling and bustling that characterize city centers have doubled with each trader trying to make the best profit at this hour of increase sales, and the buyers trying to get the best of the products at affordable prices. This is the same climate of affair that exist in Bamenda town in the North West Region. But as business people strive to make brisk business, the men of the underworld are also strategizing on how to rip their victims of their belongings. The feeble security context of the region is not helping matters as hardly does a day go by without hearing attacks, killings or kidnapping for ransoms in one area of the region or another carried out by armed separatists.

It is to better ensure the safety of persons and their goods that the Governor of the North West Region, Adolf Lele Lafrique in the early days of December 2018 organized a security meeting with all security stakeholders of the region to brainstorm on strategy to step up security measures especially at this period that the feast of Christmas and new year is approaching. During the meeting he challenged all to work for normalcy to return in the region. To all the seven senior Divisional Officers and the security big wigs of the region, he congratulated them for braving the odds to attend the meeting and he invited all the population to put hands on deck to reverse the tides of time. He insisted that this can only be possible if the population collaborates with the Defense Forces.

To those still in the bushes, he called on them to come back to their houses and continue with their daily lives while beckoning on all the youths who have taken up arms to lay down their guns, surrender and come back for a disarming and reintegration process that will enable them to regain a normal life.  The in-camera meeting gave the opportunity for the different administrative authorities of the North West region to present a vivid balance sheet of their arear of command so together they could brainstorm on the security strategy to implement so as to curb any form of insecurity during the festive period.

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