President Biya pays homage to Defence Forces

Their resilience and determination in maintaining peace and stability is worth congratulating

Cynthia EFOPA

The Cameroon Defence Forces have been carrying out actions in the entire national territory in a bid to protect persons and their goods and defend the territorial integrity of the country against all forms of violence at all times and in all circumstances. Since its birth in 1959, the soldiers have not derailed from their mission despite growing threats from within and without that threatens the very stability the Armed Forces is doing its best to protect. Before and after 1982 when President Paul Biya took power, the military has always paid allegiance to state institutions, executing its missions with professionalism, honour and loyalty. Under his reign, President Paul Biya admitted that the Boko Haram insurgency that attacked the territorial integrity of Cameroon, killing persons and destroying properties has been one of the challenging moments the country had to counteract. In collaboration with traditional partners and friends of good will, the Cameroon Army was able to launch attacks that ousted the rebels, thereby bringing the situation in the Far North back to stability, though the Army still remain determined and vigilant in that part of the country.

The crises in the North West and South West Regions has equally been another arena where the military has once more shown its capacity in ensuring territorial integrity and the safeguard of persons and their goods. The most recent operation making news in these restive regions is the military professionalism in liberating 78 students and one school driver out of the 82 who were kidnapped by terrorists on November 5th 2018, at Presbyterian Secondary School Nkwen, Bamenda without any one of the students been injured. Though 4 of the 82 kidnapped are still in captive. But the search continues.

It is this determination, temerity and resilience of the Defence Forces that President Paul Biya, in his inaugural speech, commended their efforts. As Commander in chief of the Armed Forces, he saluted their expertise in carrying missions to restore peace. He called on Cameroon people to collectively put hands on deck, so together, they will wage away terrorists who have chosen violence as the only option to solve problems. As the father of the nation, he called on youths not to cede to terrorism, because it leads to no way but to doom.

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