President Biya Vows to Restore Peace in North-West and South-West Regions

He made this declaration in his inaugural speech during his investiture at the National Assembly as the President of the Republic of Cameroon.  

Cynthia EFOPA

All eyes and ears were turned to the glass house of the National Assembly not only to witnessed the swearing-in of the President elect but most specially to listen to his inaugural speech which is consider as a pace setter for his next seven-year mandate. Placing this new term of office that kicked start yesterday November 6th, 2018, under “Great Opportunities”, President Paul Biya, with an indispensable support from the Cameroon People hopes to continue build the Cameroon nation which the acknowledge has not been an easy task during the just ended mandate, a mandate he recognized did not run like a ‘long and calm river’ due to security challenges emanating from within and without.

For 36 years that President Biya is at the helm of the Republic of Cameroon, the country recognized him as a leader who holds the value of peace as a precious commodity for the prosperity and unity of the country. Throughout all his mandates, the wise statesman has preached peace as a vital aspect prominent for any development.  Reason it could be justified why the question on peace was the very first problem he tackled as he began addressing the Cameroon people. He pointed at the Boko Haram terrorists group that has caused severe and excruciating pain to compatriots in the Far North Region to be the first security challenge that has threatened Cameroons national integrity, but to which in collaboration with its traditional partners, the Cameroon people swell victorious for the situation is now stable, though the country remains determined and vigilant.  Next, was the extreme violence perpetrated by secessionist in the North West and South West Regions born of resentment from an uneven participation in the life of the nation.

As promoter of peace, President Paul Biya emphasized that he has carefully examined the frustrations and aspirations of the vast majority of the compatriots in these regions and through an accelerated process of decentralization, measures will be taken to broaden the scope of local authorities to give them the means for greater autonomy.

To those perpetrating violence and war in the restive predominantly English-speaking Regions, undermining national unity and advocating secession, President Biya called on them to lay down their arms and came back to reason, if not they will be exposing themselves to the wrath of the laws and the determination of the Defense and Security Forces.  He reiterated that the destiny of the two troubled regions lies within the Republic of Cameroon and as guarantor of the laws of the land, and in collaboration with the Cameroon people he will ensure that peace, calm and serenity return to the two regions.

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