Presidential Poll 2018. Security Apparatus Reinforced in Adamawa

In less than 48 hours to the polls, the administrative authorities of the Adamawa region are reassuring the population for a safe exercise in respect to the security dispositions put in place as patrols and forensic information have been strengthened throughout the region.

Emmanuel NGOTA

While the election campaign reaches its cruising speed on the ground, administrative authorities multiply strategies in order to put out of state of incapacity of the troublemakers who skim the villages of the region and which could taint the good course of the poll of next Sunday. While reassuring the population, the governor of the Adamawa Region, Kildadi Taguieke Boukar, said special arrangements on the eve of the presidential election on October 7 have been addressed that is why the law enforcement and security forces are on the field squaring the ground to allow citizens to exercise their civic duty on the day of the election in peace, and serenity.

In the city of Ngaoundere as in the peripheral cities, at each meeting of the candidates, the security of the militants and the sympathizers is ensured from start to finish. In the populous districts and other places of regroupings, the police and the gendarmerie watch with grain. Apart from being in their combat dresses, the personnel of the defence and security forces infiltrate gathering in order to flush any threats that can hamper the election or better still incite public disorder. That is the reason why a strong team of predictive information have been deployed and are crisscrossing the various divisions to trace the information that could constitute troubles on polling day the governor added. So in order to allow a smooth conduct of the presidential election of October 7, the administrative authority can also count on the collaboration of the population with the defence and security forces as all the arrangements have been made so that they can vote without fear. To this effect, a communique was signed by the senior divisional officer for the Vina and broadcast over the CRTV regional station of Ngaoundere prohibiting any movement of personal vehicles on Sunday, October 07, 2018 between 7am and 18h. This measure does not affect law enforcement and security officials as well as administrative authorities in the execution of their duty.

Adamawa like other regions of the country are bracing up security wise to make sure that Sunday election experiences peace and tranquility as the different governors are concerting with their collaborators to that effect. All the necessary measures have been put in place as over 6 million Cameroonians goes to the poll to vote their president for another seven years mandate.

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