Security. Brain Behind Nkwen Abduction

It was on the night of Sunday November 4, 2018 breaking the morning of 5 November 2018 when Ambazonia fighters stormed the Presbyterian Secondary School campus in Nkwen, North West Region and abducted 72 students, the principal and a teacher.

Emmanuel NGOTA

A disgusting scene through a footage published on the social media (facebook) yesterday November 5, 2018 where an ambazonia terrorist in a closet, pressurized the abducted students from the Presbyterian Secondary School to present themselves as well as their parents and tutors. The bearded terrorist who flashed himself asked the children to denounce the fact that they won’t longer to go school but rather join the ranks of the ambazonia fighters in order to free the ambaland.

Following the post, Chris Anu, the communication head of the ambazonia defence forces in a video on facebook said the abduction video was fake. He declared vehemently that it was a manipulated act orchestrated by the “La Republic” in order to discredit the ambazonia struggle and to paint black the ambazonia fighters on the field. On his part Mark Bereta one of ambazonia’s activists in the diaspora called on the kidnappers for the immediate release of the students and the administration of the Presbyterian Secondary School. As he puts it, “our objective is the brave and not students”.

These two separate outings by the activists comes to affirm that those in the diaspora who are fanning the flame of discord and disunity accompanied by hate messages in encouraging arson, kidnap, arbitrary killings and all sort of atrocities geared at preventing persons from going about their activities hitch free.

This another sad incident after that of the assassination of pastor Charles Wesco Truman an American national of the Cameroon bible fellowship, is a clear indication that these actions of the ambazonia fighters who claims that the struggle is ordained by God is merely an egocentric tendency of terrorist activities condemned time and again by the international community.

Those of the activists abroad who sponsors the terrorist activities on the field recently are tussling over the funds contributed to champion the struggle. The fighters on the ground are disgruntled since sums attributed to carter for the struggle is syphoned; thus they are bound to divert to looting and kidnapping for ransom making it to be a gain manufacturing business. Critics says this is the beginning of the end of this shameless and baseless struggle as the dazed fighters have gone on rampage by committing all sort of atrocities.

The turning point indeed as the secessionists terrorist groups are facing hell from the hands of the defence and security forces who are putting up a commendable fight on the field by dismantling most of the terrorist camps, the liberation of hostages and a lot more to assure the protection of persons and their property thanks to the unflinching collaboration by the population.

In respect to this abduction case, the spokesperson of the ministry of defence who doubles as the head of the communication division in his Facebook page assures the parents and tutors of the abducted students to stay calm as all the necessary security measures have been taken for the release of the innocent from the dragnet of the terrorists.

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