Security. Chief Of Defence Staff Evaluates Security Situation In Northern Regions

After the 2nd and 5th joint military regions, the Chief of Defence Staff Lieutenant General Rene Claude Meka also paid a security visit to the 3rdand 4thjoint military regions implanted in Garoua and Maroua respectively so as to assess the situation.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The operational control and security evaluation tour by the chief of defence staff, is geared at ensuring the fastening of the security belt in the different localities in the northern region most especially as presidential elections are fast approaching.

Accompanied by his Etat Major from the 11th to the 14thof September 2018, the Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Rene Claude Meka visited the 3rd and 4th joint military regions in order to have an inside on the security dispositions put in place for the protection of persons and their property.

At the 3rdJoint Military Region commanded by Brigadier General, Benoit Eba Ebawith command post in Garoua, likewise the 4th joint military region under the helm of Brigadier General Frederic Ndjonkep Meyomhy with Command Post in Maroua, Lieutenant General Rene Claude Meka nodded with fulfilment from the banks of the River Benoue in Garoua to Kousseri, the beak of Cameroon, the security temperaments taken according to instructions from the high command.

The satisfaction by the chief of defence staff was manifested as he urged his collaborators to push harder in their duty as he appreciated the methodology in which former combatants of the boko haram sect are gradually reinserted into the society, the reopening of schools shot over two years back, the return of civil servants and villagers who deserted their work places and villages following the incursion of the boko haram sect, the list is in exhaustive.

While at Kousseri, the local authorities informed Lieutenant General Rene Claude Meka on the improvement in custom revenues, the effective take off in business activities around the borders linking, Cameroon-Nigeria and Chad.

As of now the far north region most especially is experiencing a stabilization phase, as the forces are engaged in normalization operations; an option which necessitates moving towards the population to reassure them. This effort is also geared at convincing the population who are reticent in retiring to their localities.

Granting an interview to the press, the Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Rene Claude Meka, sounded poised in regards to the security put in place in these two joint military regions. In this respect, the chief of defence staff assures the inhabitants of the north and far north regions to collaborate with the forces of law and order by fuelling them with the necessary intelligence gathering. With these actions of popular defence reinforced; Lieutenant General Rene Claude Meka reiterated that all is set for the presidential elections slated to take place on the 7th of October, 2018.

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