Security. MINDEF to Conduct with Joint Military Regions through Video Conferencing

This high definition technology will permit the high command to dish out instructions to territorial command services as it will reduce cost and time. This was during a ceremony presided by the Secretary General in the ministry of defense, Said Kamsouloum representing the minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defense.

Emmanuel NGOTA

From the conference hall in the ministry of defence, video conference meetings can be held with the five joint military regions so as to have minute by minute information on the happenings from the different theatres of operation via their command posts. That is the reason why the secretary general in the ministry of defence, Said Kamsoulom on behalf of the minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defence while launching the exercise, saluted the corporation that exist between MTN Cameroon and the Ministry of Defence.

Presenting the high definition video camera, Betrand Nkoa and Baba all MTN experts in video conferencing explained the modern technology to those present at the conference hall in the ministry of defence at the same time to the hearing of staff officers from the 2nd and 4th joint military regions implanted in the Douala and Maroua. The MTN experts enlightened the generals and officers on the importance of video conferencing which is a technology that allows users in different locations to hold face-to-face meetings without having to move to a single location together. This technology is particularly convenient to the security machinery as it saves time, expenses and difficulties associated with travelling.  For more clarifications, Said Kamsoulom gave room for questioning so that the users who are top bras of the military can be abreast with this technology. From the conference hall of the ministry of defence to the 2nd and 4th joint military regions, the responses to their questions by the MTN experts left them with satisfaction as they nodded their heads in contentment. Video conferencing which is an up to date technology is very convenient as far as communication is concern with an upper hand over teleconferencing in that with video conferencing users can see each other, which allows them to develop stronger relationships. When a video conference is held for informal purposes, it is called a video call or video chat and additional explanation by the MTN whizzes.  It is worthy of noting that this high definition of video conferencing put in place to facilitate the need of dishing out instructions at the strategic level from the central service to territorial services will be tested for a period of three months. In case of any hitches it will be rectified by the technicians concern.

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