Security. Ministry of Defense Attacks Fake News

The Head of the Communication Division, Colonel Didier Badjeck, on Sunday November 25, 2018 announced the forthcoming establishment of a forum called “stop fake”.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The objective of the forum is geared at counter-attacking misinformation on the social media. According to a post on his face book page, the Cameroon Ministry of Defense is preparing a forum against fake news, a new strategy to put end to what he termed the “Machiavellian secessionists” who practice “misinformation” on social networks.

The communication expert who doubles as an air transport pilot of the Cameroon air force underlined that he will put a forum in place called” stop fake “, where he will register persons who have at heart to protect and encourage our army. To this effect minds that are being manipulated by these men of the underworld to have concrete information on the unfolding of the crises.

According to the head of the communication division in the ministry of defense, also crave on the indulgence of journalists to propose other actions to fight against this phenomenon as the ministry of defense will no longer let the fake news prosper. “We have very fast technical means to detect this fake news. Thus, through this forum, we will immediately denounce the fake, to stop instantly their viral effect, “he explains. As a reminder, this measure follows a “frightful” publication this weekend, attributed to Mark Bareta, a separatist activist based abroad. Colonel Didier Badjeck speaks of “a photo that exposes burnt bodies purported to be Cameroon” and protests against a “manipulation” through the new technologies of information and communication.

Since the advent of the socio-political crises in the North West and South West Regions, secessionists activists have used the social media to poison the hearts of Cameroonians with fake news accompanied by videos and pictures just to gain sympathy from the population. The populations on her part have also come to understand that what they turn to gain from this misinformation is misery and suffering

This forum to be set up by the ministry of defense under the supervision by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in Charge of Defense, Beti Assomo Joseph, and to be coordinated by the colonel Badjeck Didier, head of the communication division in the ministry of defense won’t only serve as a platform on the happenings concerning the ongoing crises but a booster towards patriotism.

In this respect, it will be a turning point in combating the spread of fake news which is a phenomenon that has eaten deep not only the crises but will also combat issues of defamation of character and sabotage. While waiting for the forum to go operational, Cameroonians have proven their worth as one people who hold their country Cameroon so close to their chest as they remain one and indivisible people.

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