South-West, North-West. Population Begin Return Home as Security Situation is Under Control

Scared by the social media hype on the possible disruption of the October 7 elections by armed separatists, the population of the South West that sought refuge out of the region is now returning home.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

As the security situation in the South West region is being monitored, with the current situation under control, the fleeing population of the region that emptied itself in neighbouring towns is now returning home to continue with their usual activities.

The elections came and passed peacefully without the hell that was promised by the rumour mongers on social media on the perturbations by the armed secessionist who according to the social media fuzz promised to make life unbearable from October 1-10 following the presidential election of October 7. The polls were successfully organised in a calm atmosphere with no incidents reported. This explains why the populations of Bangem, Tombel, Kumba, Buea, Limbe and other towns in the South West region began returning home from October 10. Reports from bus stations indicate that there has been a massive influx of people in those localities since October 10.  Most of them came back dismayed that the much propagated full scale war announced on social media by the armed separatist did not take place. Some spent very difficult times in neighbouring towns with financial hardship and isolation from their families.

The defence and security officers are still monitoring the situation in the region while reassuring the population to remain calm. The security situation is under control with mixed patrols combing the town. As the population returns, life is taking its normalcy in the region with business activities timidly taking shape. The Buea central market for instance, was heavily attended last Saturday as denizens trooped in to buy basic food items. The Central market is said to have recorded about 1000 traders last weekend as against the less than 100 that braved the odds since September when the mass exodus started. The same affluence was observed in the Great Soppo market and the Muea market still in Buea.

Meanwhile, schools in the region that temporarily closed their doors during the fearful period also opened their doors this Monday to continue studies despite Ambazonia terrorist attacks on schools.

The same scenario is reported in the North West Region where denizens in Bamenda and other neighbouring towns’ temporally relocated to Bafoussam, Yaounde, Douala, Foumban and other neighbouring towns in the Francophone regions. But thanks to the defence and security forces, the security situation is under control.

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