South-West. Secessionists Under Heat

The secessionist terrorist group suffered another riposte from the defence and security forces on Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

Emmanuel NGOTA

At least four secessionists were killed in Banga Bakundu-south-west, during clashes with the defense and security forces. The clashes took place when soldiers from the 21st Motorized Infantry Brigade (BRIM) were returning from a reinforcement operation in Kumba where they ambushed by armed secessionists. The patrol of personnel of the 21st BRIM Buea, was targeted in the afternoon of Tuesday, August 14, 2018 by armed men. In response, 4 secessionists were neutralized in the due course of the attack. No casualties were recorded in the ranks of the army that captured two secessionist members. Coupled to that many weapons and ammunitions were recovered after the clashes.

Still in the south west region precisely in Mamfe in the locality between Mfuni and Yangchang not far from Eyumejock, the defence and security forces on august 16, 2018 a secessionist camp was destroyed. After the energetic attack by the defence and security forces, 1 secessionist was neutralized, 1 captured, many wounded ran into the bushes, 3 AK47, 6 magazines, 520 cartridges of 7.62, 29 locally fabricated rifles, 2 defensive grenades, 4 telescope, 1 generator, 1 solar plate, fetishes, hundreds of dry gin bottles, kitchen utensils, an ADF t-shirt, tens of bags of rice and a lot more.

The atrocities committed thus far by terrorists since the second quarter of 2016 when legitimate concerns on the functioning of the Common Law System and the English System of Education were hijacked by lawbreakers to wreak havoc on the population and government structures. Prime Minister Yang notably highlighted the attacks on security forces, administrative and traditional authorities as well as acts of arson that have left far-reaching consequences on the population. For instance, he said as at June 11, 2018, some 123 attacks had been perpetuated on security officers causing 84 deaths, cases of arson on some 120 schools in the North West and South West Regions as well as some 15 attacks on traditional rulers. Cases of children being forced into the terrorists forces, racketeering, looting, rape and gruesome killing of citizens by the terrorists, the PM said, were regrettable and could not leave the Head of State indifferent. This as it created a serious humanitarian crisis that today requires substantial resources to guarantee a promising future for the affected population.

It was disclosed during the launching of  the humanitarian emergency plan that so far, the two regions have registered over 74,966 internally displaced persons from the crisis. 8,554 for the North West and 66,412 for the South West. He said children who could not brave the odds in the regions took refuge in others to pursue education thanks to which they successfully sat end-of-course and year examinations.

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